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Black beetles have invaded my town. They are everywhere. Inside and outside. Nasty bastards. ��crunch��

This is not the last journal entry, but it's winding down. The next several days I'll be feverishly saving to my hard drive things I've taken for granted on the net. And I'll be bidding everyone a farewell of sorts.

I want this diary to be like the final episode of Deep Space Nine, not the final episode of Voyager, get it?

Well, I had a fuckin' blast on my bicycle tonight. I love empty parking lots!!

Metal fibers are jutting out of the outer edges of my two front tires. Remember how much I said tires would be? I ran that past my father and he basically forbade me to buy cheap tires for the car. He has a point I guess. Why lower the resale value (assuming I sell it) with cheap van tires and inflict limitations to the cars handling? The two big selling points for the car at this point will be the massive power rush of the engine and its ability to stick to the road as if on rails. Oh yah and I'm so sick of not having the income to buy things and take care of things (and it's something that no meager $10/hour McJob is going to propitiate).

Anyways, this is an update, not a real post. Stay with me, it'll be over soon. Much more next time...