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Umm. Hmm. Okay...

In stunningly typical Verizon fashion, my order to have my DSL terminated seems to have fallen on incompetent ears. I still have access. Fast as ever.

Haven't been home for a while. And that's a very important thing I think.

It's not that there was any one moment of realization or revelation this week. It was a dawning, a gradual, creeping sense.

It's not that anything all that spectacular happened. But what happened played itself out in my mind in a certain instructive order regardless.

And it would sound petty to.....? Well it would sound petty, period. To write down everything.

I hope I can go with this feeling I have right now. But already I'm a little sad, because it fades. How can I stop that? Hmmm?

Let's be cryptic.

What I did is not in any way what I need to do, but what I did is exactly what I needed to do, and has shown me what must be done.

And I rediscovered that my family is full of some pretty extraordinary people. And I saw this new, blue light at the end of the tunnel, different from the yellow light I've been squinting to make out and keep in sight for a little while now.

Let me throw some random facts your way.

I put 40+ miles on my bicycle, many of them with my brother. My sister and Bob announced the Big Day during their visit. I made a full course meal for the family. duo (oh heck, let's call him Jeff) has started reading Otherland. The Stealth got new tires after some verbal wrangling with DT employees. The Stealth is being sold and is no longer mine. I cleaned it, made signs, and did ads. My transportation consists of my bike and my feet. The Infiniti blew its engine and caught fire on the highway. My family's house (in 4 rooms) now gets 25 discrete movie channels, 7 Discovery channels, 3 History channels, several MTVs, over 40 digital radio channels (excellent), and around 70 other new channels on top of the 140+ it had before, and about a hundred features you would never expect. SVideo and optical audio outputs? USB ports? A hard drive? Jeepers! So I did watch movies. I didn't however, go on the net every day. Far from it. My net time, the past week, probably equalled less than one hour. And yes, I know about Gamespy. Shame.

Okay I want to stop. Screw it, I don't care, lots of other nice things went down. The week was overwhelmingly pleasant in every way. 4 star hotel. And now I'm not there. And now there's somewhere else I need to be, a rendezvous in space and time. I can see it, I can feel the strength and the life force I must draw on to make my date in future history.