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That didn't take very long. The Stealth is about to be bought. A guy who is into import tuning and performance came out with his wife and wants to buy it. He knows about its problems (tape player, washer fluid, variable note exhaust, moonroof, passenger side window, security, emergency brake, the front wheel, the squeaking brakes and power steering, the backup lights, the spare tire, the antenna, the mirror adjuster, the scratches, dents, trash, and broken plastic, the speakers, and the turbos being at 95% due to intercooler leakage), and knows about its assets (320 HP, 5 speed, Centerforce clutch, strong suspension/handling, powerful AC, all wheel drive, massive brakes, comfy seat, etc.)... It's a great car at a great price for someone with some mechanical experience.

The guy drives a hot-rodded Eclipse. Coincidentally, Jeff and I had ridden by his house on Tuesday or Wednesday and stopped to admire his car. I'm glad I took the time to wash the exterior and interior of the car and make good signs. After warning the guy about the clutch, he managed to NOT stall it (another guy who test drove it earlier stalled it SEVERAL times and generally showed that he had no business driving a performance machine like the Stealth).

So this is good. Not real good for me, but acceptable. I'm having the RX-7 repaired on Monday (probably won't cost much, but I want to get it tuned, the oil changed, and the apex seals checked as well). Then, the bikes are FINALLY going into the shop on Wednesday (yes, both).

My bicycle is having trouble. The right pedal broke several days ago. That was fun. It's a PEDAL! I got the brakes working well though. But the shifting/chain is even more screwed up than before. I was able to dial in some steering damping which makes the bike feel much more stable and agile at speed (not so agile at low speed though). But then the fork seals sort of came out. The kickstand is acting very gimpily.

I hope to be in the RX-7 within a few weeks (pending repairs, insurance, inspection, registration, etc.). The Stealth was okay, but it just never quite made me smile the way the RX-7 always did. The Stealth was a beast in more than one way.