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This town is so bike-unfriendly. I just got back from Kroger. I've been all over today. I'm really sick of cars right now. Every business on this road called University has a different set up with the curbs. There are large fields to pass through with some treacherous pits. Some intersections have ramps, others don't. And crossing the street and then having to jump the curb with all these idiot cage drivers is nerve-wracking. At this rate, my bike will be non-functioning by the weekend. Someone was nice enough to pitch a 40 oz beer bottle at me.

Kroger sucks. I don't know why I decided to go there. Lame-o place. And don't you get freaking tired of people so drunk they can barely walk driving up in their barely-running 70s vintage sedan and making a spectacle in the store? Don't you get tired of and let's face it white trash complaining about their jobs and coworkers like it's the most important thing in their lives while you wait in line? Ugh.

Enlightened people talk about ideas
Average people talk about things
Small people talk about each other

Remember I mentioned the family who kept their daughter as a torture toy? Well today there was a story about a woman in Houston who systematically, one at a time, drowned in the bathtub her own five children, ages 7 years to 6 months. She killed her five children horribly. She planned it out. She turned herself in. I said it the other day with the other case... I hope they throw the book at her. I sincerely hope she doesn't get off with a plea of temporary insanity.

If you haven't heard the true story of Michael Malloy, you really should read it.

My RX-7 is fixed!

Consumer Reports is telling people not to buy the Mitsubishi Montero. Reason? It goes up on 2 wheels with turning input at as low as 35 mph. When will you people start using your brains?

I'd think there'd be laws of nature
Forcing you people to get it together
You could wreck my life
Go ahead, I know you're dying to

Once again proving the utter superiority of DVDs... Robotech 1-12 was released today.