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It's 10. I'm here. There are about 15-18 others here. PS2 is on. Keg is being consumed. Punch with alcohol. Nice apartment. Same place where Kelvin Moore ("Hello...... Yes..... I'm... Kelvin... Moore") used to live. This webcam is very strong. I made a balloon blow up in the birthday girl's face (she was holding a lit cigarette). "Hey Man Nice Shot" is on. I always kind of liked this tune in its various remix versions. What is it about? The assassination of.... whom?

There's a calendar on the wall. It's a picture of a Painted Belly Frog about to devour a grasshopper. I wonder if there's a picture of a Gecko anywhere in the calendar, some other month. I kind of like my little housemate Gecko. He's a cutie.

Bohemian Rhapsody is on now. Good choice. I'm having a little trouble concentrating. I don't know most of these people but they seem quite benign and pleasant.

Well I sense I've spent too much time here I will update a little later. :o)