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It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen

The following was intended for a different diary entry a week or two ago and didn't make it.

Jones has brought back his Friday morn' trivia show!! The most heavily grin-inducing three hours in radio. What a complete treat. Time stops and all is right when Charley is doing the trivia show. It's a whole lot of fun and Charles Moses is a wizard at making it all work beautifully. Topics this time (which vary each week) included Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail,The Simpsons, TV show theme songs, X-Men, Back to the Future, science, odd sports, gearhead stuff, urban legends, history, movies, and general Americana, as well as the infamous lightning rounds. The deal is if you answer a question correctly you get to ask Charley a question--but the man has a computer for a brain and seemingly limitless knowledge of the world. I always felt so priveleged on Friday mornings at PJs to be able to listen to such a great show while at work and hearing it again years later resurrected is something else. You actually learn a fair amount of things along the way, and the stimulation of recall is a healthy phenomenon.

People living in Texas and other parts of the Great Southwest can tune to Charley Monday morning through Friday morning, midnight to four am on an AM station near you (it's 1080 here, go here and choose Texas Overnight to find your local affiliate). Charley's ultimate goal in bringing back the show (and moving back to 3rd shift) is to gain affiliates from coast to coast. It's a sensational show with an ebb and flow that will probably surprise you if you think you know what a radio show is like. If you call to voice your opinion and contribute to the conversation, you will not be hung up on or chastised if you disagree. You will have time to talk and make points, time to think, and should a commercial come up, you will be allowed to stay on the line and continue the conversation. Charley has boundless politeness and open-mindedness. It's a refreshing show. Charley's setting up a Jones information depository website and I'm trying to get him to set up a Jones Overnight message board.

Interesting bit of trivia about Jones: he was 'the gunfighter' in a Six Flags show for many years. He did the Zoo (KZEW) overnight show for a decade. He was a chemical engineer working for Frito-Lay at one point.

We have rain today. I wish school would just hurry up and start, dammit. I mean, it'll be tough with 19 hours, but I just want it to get here so I can figure out how everything is going to work this semester. Ultimately, I want to get through this and graduate (still a while off now I've changed my major) so I can start my life.

I'm wanting to read The Watchmen. In the September 2001 Road & Track, there is speculation that the new 250+ HP Renesis side port rotary engine might arrive in the US in a Miata within a year or two! Best (only?) reason to have a TV this Fall: Enterprise, the fifth ST series. Best (only) reason to add digital cable on to that: Speedvision and TechTV. Another DVD night: Gone in 60 Seconds, Driven, The Fast and the Furious, Rat Race 2001 (okay so most of these suck, but it'd be fun anyway). 'We are commited to achieving a diverse workforce' = 'we don't hire non-handicapped white males'. One day I will be doing a high speed run up 380 in the middle of the night on my sportbike, listening to 'Blaze of Glory' by Jon Bon Jovi, or riding the twisties down south in the sun and wind, listening to the Autumns' 'June in Her Frost and Fur', or heading out for a 'sport-tour' to Arkansas with a couple of riding friends, or practicing my drag launches in Ennis with Rick and John, or riding out to Del Fresco's with a pillion for a scrumptious dinner, or putting around town in the Summer in a light shower. 8-)