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Strategic military strikes against various targets in Afghanistan (known terrorist camps, a Taliban command center, air bases). Beautiful B-1 Bombers doing what they do best. Just one aspect of the ongoing war on terrorism (this is not the first action, just part of a series that includes the freezing of assets, the investigation and gathering of evidence, the coalition-building, a number of arrests, and various other military, intelligence, economic, financial, diplomatic, and legal actions). bin Laden in a taped interview done not too long before today's strikes (vastly misjudging the mood in America and Europe, which could mean he's getting poor intelligence reports, but probably means it's just part of his propoganda campaign). Tony Blair hawkish and steadfast. France, Canada, Germany, and Australia pledging immediate military support. Millions of pounds of humanitarian aid on its way (the delivery of which was part of the reason for this particular series of strikes--in order to deliver supplies, we must ensure the Taliban aren't able to prevent those supplies from arriving; going ahead with the humanitarian campaign at the same time complicates things tremendously, but I really look up to Bush for that). Football and racing going ahead... because, well, that's what we do on Sundays (though the Emmys were cancelled outright, which is fine by me). Congress praising and strongly supporting the Administration's efforts. Russia considering joining NATO, a coalition whose mission statement consists of presenting a united front against Russia. Stay tuned. 6000 is the magic number.

I support this particular action ONE HUNDRED AND TEN PERCENT. With around 90 percent of my fellow Americans, I am behind President Bush. The international coalition gave the Taliban AMPLE opportunity to start meeting our demands. They dicked around for three weeks without accomplishing a single thing. Now their regime is likely to crumble. But this week won't be the end of the US/GB/NATO action in Afghanistan. Not by a long shot. Ground troops will have to be deployed. American soldiers are going to die. And they will be dying for our freedom. And still the other non-military aspects of the war will go on. And Afghanistan will not be the last country in which actions are taken.

Long live our spirit of freedom and defiance. Long live this grand country that I love.

"Once in a while you gotta beat somebody up"
--The Fonze