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I spent the entire weekend reading and studying. I mean, Friday afternoon, Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening, Saturday night, Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon, Sunday evening, Sunday night...

And I'm still not finished. It is amazing how quickly it goes. Woah! Was that two and a half days?? In fact, last Wednesday feels like a day or two ago. Huge exam in the morning. Another on Tuesday. A third AND a fourth on Wednesday. A fifth on Thursday. Oh yah, this is going to be a busy week. When is Thanksgiving?

Here, here, and here are pictures of what I wish I had been doing this weekend. Two CycleWorldForums members from D/FW took a trip down to Hill Country down South and over West of Austin and SA. Selections from the post-road-trip report: "long 165 mph straights with occassional 125 mph sweepers, tight '20 mph curves' we took at 60 or 80 mph, a long super-smooth, clean, fast piece of asphalt that seemed built specifically for sportbikes; a helluva playground--no traffic and no cops."

Holy crap! That sounds like pure nirvana! I can hardly think of a better way to spend a weekend. Man, I have GOT to get me a sport-touring bike! Before the environmental nazis and the safety nazis decide to protect me from myself.

My hard drive, after around 5000 hours of use, is on its last legs. I really can't complain. A car engine with that much time on it would have travelled a quarter of a million miles or so. The drive becomes too hot to touch within a minute of boot up, makes clicking noises, won't let me use Scandisk, and causes full crashes. It does look as though I'll be able to pull some things from it to save to Zip though.

I'm trying to convince the stepmother to look at the Nissan Altima 3.5 SE. 240 HP, great looks, reasonable interior room and a beautiful interior. It's $7000 cheaper than the Jag and the Lexus and has some REAL power and a manual tranny. I'm trying to convince my mother to upgrade her old Saturn to the new L-class. It's all this 0% financing going around right now.

At least it might start getting cooler and Daylight Savings Time is a week away. I did miss the O'Reilly NHRA drag races in Ennis (same place I went to the Friday Night Street Shootout thing in the Summer), but I'm not going to miss the CycleWorld Cycle Show after Finals!

Aprilia has a new 'electric-boosted' bicycle coming out. It has a range of 25 miles on a single 3 hour charge. You do still pedal but each stroke is boosted by the electric motor. Pictures here and here. Honda and Yamaha, along with many other companies, have had similar products for years, but most of them look like pretty lame bicycles and they aren't available in the US. Honda also has this cute little two-wheel driven electric vehicle.

And now for the badass motorcycle pic of the day.