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Spent a frustrating weekend around Fort Worth. Well, mostly at my family's house. Why frustrating? Let me see...

�Four TVs, all with digital cable and remote controls, and three other TVs
�SpeedVision (WSBK review), Sci-Fi, TechTV (Extended Play), Enterprise, Red Dwarf, Yanks, etc.
�Three PCs, all with high speed (and actually working) cable net access
�The net
�Monthly magazines of great variety and four daily newspapers
�Drum kit and all kinds of acoustic pianos and expensive electronic keyboards
�Dreamcast, N64, PSX, and Playstation2, and several PC games
�Movies rented (Swordfish and Scary Movie 2, both on DVD)
�Motorcycle and bicycles to ride
�Stoppies and wheelies to bust
�Torch red Corvette to drive (along with two other cars)
�Weights to lift
�Frisbee to throw
�Five stereos to listen to, digital cable radio stations
�Arguing/discussing music, politics, bikes, cars, games, etc. with various people
�Invitations: the FW Corvette Club meeting, a musical revue, a recital, a movie, a club, a restaurant, smoking pot (declined, btw), out 'riding'
�People everywhere, friends of mine, friends of dad, friends or clients of Carla, friends of Jeff (duo), friends of Q
�Constant phone calls, five different lines (including cels)
�The cleaning lady cometh
�A haircut, my grocery shopping, and my laundry, including ironing
�Trying to study
�Papa John's Pizza everyday, as well as salad, steak, about four different kinds of ice cream, two different 'Halloween' cakes, blueberry muffins, microwave pizza, homemade stew, potato/asparagus/carrots/french bread/broccoli/strawberry shortcake for dinner/dessert, chocolate chip cookies, the 'expensive' OJ, hot pancakes with real maple syrup, roast chicken
�Two yapping Chihuahuas

I could get used to all that, but gee whiz, it is sensory overload. What to do, what to do?? There just wasn't enough time to do everything and absorb everything else. Sometimes my simple life with two crummy-looking TV channels, super-slomo net access with ailing PC, the radio, my humble (by comparison) stereo, my bike, and my standard rations seems not so much austere, but elegant, simplified, relaxing.

Got a few good responses on my abortion rant. Surprisingly intelligent stuff.

The Sloan album review was kinda fun, I think I'll do one for each of the other two albums I bought (Mercury Rev and Built to Spill).

Bio prof busted out his 'sexual positions' slide show today, various members of the animal kingdom from earthworms to rhinos engaged in copulation set to Marvin Gaye, Salt n Pepa, and Barry White, among others. It was a riot.

That's all for now.