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I, I just got back from a two hour ride through an Autumn wonderland. It rained last night (apparently). It's cloudy. Foggy sort of. Kind of cool but windless. Incredibly still. Eerily, beautifully quiet. It's morning. Sunday morning.

I was so struck by how gorgeous being there can be. Seeing with my super high resolution and completely lag free eyes. Hearing things or hearing nothing but none of it being a reproduction. Feeling the brisk wind generated by my speed. Feeling my self there, under blankets of commodious clouding. The realism is extraordinary.

I went about 5 or 6 miles I think. Did everything, leaning it over around the parking medians, tucking in for a top speed run down a quarter mile hill, goofing around with wheelies and stoppies and tight circles, taking it off-road through some mud, and a lot of just cruising enjoying the silence and solitude.

I'll tell you another thing. I enjoy being with friends and family. But I also truly enjoy being alone. I enjoy my own company intensely. On this morning, there is no one in the world who could have made my ride and my time any more enjoyable. And the exquisite quiet and serenity moved me in such a way that I realized the whole world could drop dead and I'd still be just fine.

Only one thing could have made this morning better: a motor in place of pedals.

Have I told you lately how much I love Scott Miller? What does he know that so many other songwriters don't? I could take a bath in his melodies, harmonies, rhythms, chord changes, vocals, lyrics... You know, I've owned Plants... for over 7 years now, and it still explodes my mind whenever I listen to it. It is a crime that I don't yet own the latest Loud Family record... but I have what some people will search used CD stores and eBay for for years--every Game Theory album including the compilation with the Alternate Learning cut. How priceless are songs like 'Together Now, Very Minor', 'Throwing the Election', 'I Mean it This Time', 'Too Closely', and 'Bad Year at UCLA'? Oh, you wouldn't know. I think they pressed like 50 copies each of these CDs.

There are a few bands I would drop everything to go see: Loud Family, Sloan, Three Mile Pilot, Built to Spill, Sheila Divine, Guided by Voices. Mostly LF though.