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It finally happened. My hard drive called quittin' time. Won't load up a damn thing. It's toasted. Everything's gone. And I have NO computer for the time being. Ughhh. What the hell?

I realized today that I thoroughly enjoy Economics, but I moderately dislike Accounting. Some of it has to do with the Accounting class, taught in an auditorium by a rather dense woman.

Working on registering right now. Check this schedule:
Monday: Business Calculus 2-3:30, Accounting II 3:30-5, Environmental Science Class 6-9
Tuesday: Environmental Science Lab 2-4, Communications (combined class and recitation) 6-9
Wednesday: Business Calculus 2-3:30, Accounting II 3:30-5, Data Analysis 6:30-9:30

And that's all. 17 hours, but it's all crammed into 3 days, so I'll have '4-day weekends' the whole semester. I start at 2 PM each day. Go for 3 hours, come home for ~40 minutes, go back for 3 more hours. That's on Monday. Have a bit more time in between on the other days. Sure it's pretty tightly packed, and there isn't much time in between, but I like it. I'm a bit worried about the Environmental Science class--but I'm SURE it will engage me. It won't be boring. I may not agree with everything, but hopefully the prof isn't a total hippy, hopefully they keep the political motivations isolated to ecology alone, hopefully if I bring up an argument I'm not blacklisted, hopefully I can go in with an open mind and yet take some things with a grain of salt. And yes, I know using hopefully there is poor diction.

I can almost smell graduation (again). Suffered setbacks in the forms of a bunch of credits not transferring and changing my major, but we're looking at Summer of 2003 right now. It's almost 2002 already, and I'm already set up for the Spring, so after the semester I'm registering for now, I'll have about a year.

In the next year I need to get on the ball with some other things as well: I need to join one or two service fraternities (which, if you aren't familiar, have nothing to do with beer-guzzlin' and date-rapin'--service frats are there to help you network, talk to people already in certain industries, and meet possible employers). I need to work on earning some Windows-related certificates. And I need to find a job or internship. All these are intended to be supplements to my degree. I don't think I'm going to go the MBA (therefore UD) route , but I haven't ruled out returning somewhere for a graduate degree of some sort.

Making As this semester, and my student loan for next year is on the way right now. The future's so bright... err, well, at least there's a dull glow that you can make out if you squint and hold your head just right.

So Kabul fell today. bin Laden is 'on the run'. We're moving in the rest of our AC-130s. Hehe.

An appropriate bike pic.

We're doing reproduction in Bio right now. And I'm realizing that I don't really want to know what I'm relearning. Maybe I'm the only one in the class who's seen a live birth in person, just inches away. Maybe I'm the only one who's seen the alien-like placenta yanked out along with about a half gallon of blood and guts. I don't really like reliving this in my mind. I've successfully blocked much of it out, but it's coming back. Uggguhhh...

I guess the whole thing repulses me, though the idea of being repulsed by something so 'natural' is also repulsive. Nevertheless...

Hey Melissa, wherever you are (dead? in prison? doing cheap pornos to afford enough coke? living in a trailer park waiting for your fourth baby to be born?), thanks for the memories. Bitch.