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I found out my bio lab instructor is married to one of the main 3D engine guys for 3DRealms. She says the pictures of Duke Nukem Forever they've been showing so far have all been his code. But they are moving to Washington State (he wants to work for Microsoft). He left 3DRealms two weeks ago because of more continued delays in the project. He's fed up. So are the shareholders. I don't think that game will ever see the light of day.

Anyway, her area of study just happens to be environmental sciences. So I was asking her about that class and the professor and whether he was an anti-property anti-money anti-electricity nut or someone who preaches the truth over rhetoric. Not in those words. But I think the question offended her. She mentioned that she feels guilty about driving a car (!), but they live in McKinney so they have to. Their Camaro (V-6) finally died so she wanted to buy the Toyota Prius (slow and exciting as a slug hybrid vehicle) but her husband talked her into settling for a Honda Prelude. She feels bad about that. Apparently a Honda Prelude with VTEC is a horrible, dirty, evil gas-guzzler (28 MPG).

Then the conversation turned to other cars, and other people chimed in. If I ever decide on a car based solely on its EPA rated gas mileage, please shoot me.

The two missionaries from Waco who were being held captive by the Taliban were rescued! You have to wonder what they were doing over there in a nation which is 99% Muslim, and they're crediting God with everything good that has happened but nevertheless, what a great thing that they were found alive and okay.

In Kabul, women are reclaiming lost jobs and walking around with their faces uncovered. Men are shaving their beards and playing music. And on a field where the Taliban conducted daily public executions, a game of soccer broke out. Excellent. Those evil sonsabitches are gone. From that city anyway. Omar said today that a plan to destroy America was underway. Heh. Sure.

Down in Crawford, Texas, Vladamir Putin and President Bush are getting along very well. They visited a local high school today where it was clear they were friends and that Putin was enjoying his stay. Bush has accepted a reciprocal invitation to visit Moscow. They're cutting nuclear arsenals by two thirds and making clear that is just the start. Russia may join NATO. Man this is amazing. And how about the transformation of President Bush? Great men don't seek greatness, they have it thrust upon them. He has become a confident, eloquent speaker and one of the most down-to-earth, frank Presidents this country has ever seen! What a contrast with the weasel we had in there before! Perhaps it is because Bush is the first President who didn't have a legal background (as Der Slickmeister had).

Congress voted to federalize airport security. Wheeee, the government grows larger and fatter AGAIN. They needed to do something, but man, the expansion of government into, well, EVERYTHING continues.

X-Box and Harry Potter this week. Eh.

Priced hard drives. The 20 GB is $92, the 30 GB is $110, the 40 is $114, the 60 is $172, the 80 is $207, and the 100 is $254. Woah! Why on earth would I need 100 GBs with a dial-up connection when all I have to put on the drive is basically just Windows? I think the 40 GB is a sweet spot price-wise, but I can't help thinking anything over 10 is overkill right now.

I was thinking about how many bands that I listen to have one album which stands above their others, and it's usually not their first or last. You know, an album in which the essence of the band was fully realized, where all the elements came together to create near perfection? Not always MY favorite, but usually THE favorite. In fact, in some cases some other albums by these are crap. Throwing Muses--University, Cure--Disintegration, Loud Family--Interbabe Concern, Shudder to Think--Pony Express Record, Dada--American Highway Flower, Built to Spill--Perfect From Now On, Suede--DogManStar, Depeche Mode--Violator, Posies--Frosting on the Beater, Pavement--Slanted and Enchanted, Radiohead--OK Computer, NIN--Downward Spiral, Pop Poppins--self titled, Madder Rose--Panic On, Sloan--Twice Removed, Smashing Pumpkins--Siamese Dream, REM--Automatic for the People, Thinking Fellers--Strangers of the Universe, Alice in Chains--Dirt, Silkworm--Firewater, Pulp--This is Hardcore, Sting--Soul Cages, Soundgarden--SuperUnknown, etc.

I'm sure you can think of some more, these are off the top of my head.