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The moon was brighter than I've ever seen it before. It was like stadium lighting. I could actually make out valleys and 'seas'. Maybe even a crater or two.

I saw Episode 1 last week, first time. There is so much wrong with that movie it's hard to know where to start or stop. Utter throwaway film-making exercise.

It was truly a shock to the system to ride down 'the hill' at UNT in 28�. In the space of, oh, a quick quarter mile, my face went numb and my eyes cried bloody murder. Clearly goggles and maybe ear protection is mandatory. I know my place, and it ain't up North. I can stand the 100� days just fine, but this sub-freezing and windy stuff is just depressing. I don't even like driving in this stuff, as the wear and tear of starting a car in 25� is about 100 times worse than starting the same car in 85�.

I've come up with a number: 6. That is how many years 'behind' I am, or the number of years I wasted, or the number or productive years I chopped off my life expectancy. That is the number of years late I will be graduating. Some of my high school classmates could have completed post-graduate work 2 years ago! And that is why I won't be attending my high school reunion (at least not the '10 year' iteration).

I read about a new system being tested in Europe that would allow commuters in cars to talk to each other over a local communication network. Wonder what they'll say.

Prospects for Christmas employment: Albertson's graveyard shift or UNT Bookstore. I'm leaning toward the bookstore because of the hours, the co-workers, the temporary nature of the job (the five weeks between semesters is extremely busy for college bookstores, as they have to receive and place hundreds of thousands of textbooks from thousands of daily-delivered boxes), the proximity to home, and the fact that I've done it before (at UD Bookstore) and I've worked for the manager (Rodney was the manager at UD, now he's at UNT).

Who thinks Heather Mercer is kind of cute? I know, she's a religious zealot who went to Taliban Central (where preaching Christianity is literally punishable by death) to preach Christianity, but there's somethin' about her...

How could I have forgotten the horn section in the remix of 'Close to Me'? Randall told me it was a Charlie Parker riff they busted on the sax. Yah, I can STILL picture that music.

If anyone has the album version of 'Safecracker' by Trash Can Sinatras (never released in the states), PLEASE email me and let me have it or buy it or download it. We can even PayPal it if you like. I have an acoustic version from a CD that came out in 1993, a CD of live acoustic songs from Adventure Club from way back when Alex Luke was in charge and all kinds of bands came in and performed (not just bands that live down the street from the host). But I would like to hear the original.

Remember the girl who was at prom when she went and had a baby in the bathroom and strangled him with the umbilical cord before returning to the dance floor? She's out. Only served 3 years of 15. I hope Andrea Yates (drowned her five children in the bathtub) has something a little harsher coming to her.

What about this: double major in Business Computer Information Systems (BCIS) and Economics, with a minor in Political Science. MCSE cert, service fraternity, 2 year internship prior to graduation. Then a possible Master's Degree in a business and/or BCIS specialization. Would you hire me?

I really like Economics. I think it should be a required course. I've learned such revelatory truth this semester about how the world works! Economics is a social science. It's the study of the way people interact and their decisions given that humans have unlimited wants but scarce resources to fulfill those wants. It's embarrassing how little I knew about some things before taking this course (I took Econ at UD and got a great foundation for why things happen, but this course has been a lot more numbers, graphs, and real world whereas UD was more Adam Smith, theory, and philosophy).

Everyone's reeling from SpeedVision (NASCRAP Vision) lying to us yet again! Today a press release came out stating that there would be NINE hours of NASCRAP per weekday starting in January! Damn, and I usually like capitalism. Assholes have lied twice now just to quiet the voices of dissent. If they don't show the inaugural 4 stroke season of MotoGP and World Superbike at least (let alone Formula Extreme, Supersport, AMA Superbike, 250GP, etc. and all the car racing and cycle and car shows) somebody's going to PAY.

I miss UT a damn lot. I'll probably miss it for years. It was just such friggin' good times playing that game! It feels like old neighborhoods I want to go back and visit (DOM-Olden? CTF-Eternal? DM-Phobos? heck yah!). And old friends. Wonder if the Lo Grav server is still up.

The car -vs- bike debate is raging stronger than ever across a whole bunch of forums. I guess since alot of people have put their 'fun' cars and their bikes up for the winter, there's more time to argue bench racing on the net. Here is a Vette with some real muscle. Yes, that IS 1,300 horsepower! He drives it every day and it looks stock (from a distance). 1,300. Gee whiz. Some cars make do with one twelfth that amount.

Does anyone think the lawyers and DA on that show 'Practice' are good people? Scumbags on both sides.

Two videos for the ole archive. First is a World Rally video--Ford Focuses and Subarus with all wheel drive, 600 HP alcohol-burning turbocharged engines swinging the tails out around the dirt. And the best rider in the world (Valentino Rossi) testing the brand new Honda four stroke GP bike (soon to be the best racebike in the world): here.

Couple notes. We don't owe non-citizens Constitutional Rights! We don't owe them due process! And military tribunals are the RIGHT thing to do. Rumsfeld said 'we want bin Laden dead or alive... obviously we prefer him DEAD'. Damn Straight. If bin Laden and al Qaeda are not evil, then I believe the word should be removed from the Dictionary. Hamas has pledged 'American citizens will die' because Israelis accidentally assassinated one of the leaders of Hamas. There are tens of thousands of children in Pakistan who spend 14 hours per day learning about how America is Satan and how their only goal in life is to kill Americans and how to kill Americans.

You are educated retard, too stupid for Time Cube.

The new right in America is the right to pass through life from birth to death without being offended or annoyed by anything.