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Heard about Harrison while doing an Econ project and listening to Jones Overnight Trivia. 58 years old (about 2 years younger than my father). Died of complications from his long bout with cancer. Spent days preparing for it. It's not a tragic death, really. This was not a man who lived an unfulfilled life.

We watched the excellent Nightline special on George. I thought they did an outstanding job given the time constraints. Some people they talked to were of the opinion that this is a 'sad sign of aging for the generation'. Others were reminded that one of the things George talked of and wrote of was an acceptance of our impermanence (all things must pass). They had some interviews with George from throughout the years. At one point he said that life was about answering three questions: 'who am I?, why am I here?, and where am I going?'.

I spent a while going through my [admittedly uneven] Beatles collection, picking out Harrison songs. It's interesting to me that many of them were my least favorites when I was a wee lad, but they've grown on me across the years.
That Tish from Weekenders, what a girl! A little young perhaps...

Don't panic but we're officially in a Recession.

Mavericks are having their problems this year at 10 and 6. Three of those losses were during a period where Nowitzki was injured and sick. The other three are bonafide losses to good teams. The Mavs have proven they can handle the mediocre and bad teams easily when they're healthy, but they have yet to put together a convincing performance against the likes of the Raptors, Kings, Lakers, Bucks, etc. The defense is sucking, and they just aren't gelling on offense the way you'd like to see.

I love fanatics. People who really sink their teeth into something, whether it be sports, music, art, theater, Unreal Tournament (or OK 'games' in general), motorcycles, a book or series of books or just 'books', racing, movies, Sci Fi, Star Wars, comic books, even politics... whatevah. It's often a beautiful thing to watch, even from the outside. It's the fanatics that do things. Those people who don't get very involved in anything are the ones who worry me. I love it when fanatics argue about something the rest of the world might see as profoundly trivial as if they're discussing the fate of the world. Warms my heart, it really does.

I'm looking forward to the Dallas leg of the Cycle World International Motorcycle Show in a HUGE way. Can't wait to meet everyone from the various websites. Can't wait to check out all the new bikes. It's gonna be perfect. Finals will be over, and I won't have started work quite yet. Heck, I may go more than one day!