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Yup, still alive. Doing pretty well too.

I had (have) this very long, in fact FIVE SECTION year-in-review type post that I never quite finished. It was in five parts with a different entry for each part. I wrote a book. But I got lazy and then realized I had all I needed saved on my machine. Posting it was/is kind of beside the point by now. So here it will stay. Too bad so sad.

The semester is treating me well. I'm very busy with classes (18 hours) but loving it. Barring some idiots crashing planes into some tall buildings or some other such intrusion, this should be a very good semester.

Life is pleasantly low-key right now. I like it like this. Waking up at 6 or 7 am each morning, without alarm clock, is agreeing with me to a greater degree than I would have thought. I'm putting in big hours studying each day and on the weekends. I like all my profs. I'm doing fine financially. I'm exercising every day. There's just not much of anything new to complain about.

Of course I wish I had DSL, a motorcycle, a car, a better couch, Halo, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, the new Loud Family, a house, sedation dentistry, about five years of my life back, etc., but I'll take what I've got against what 90% of the world has any day. :o)

Oh, and how about those Mavs? Best team in the league!