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Had a P'Zone tonight. The sandwich part is a little thick, a little crusty. The internals could use some sauce. Otherwise not too much to complain about.

Tomorrow is the 8th Annual EA Sports Madden Bowl, this time starring 16 players!

I must give a 6 minute speech on a cultural artifact (which I must also bring) which I would identify myself with.

Mike Tyson bit flesh out of yet another boxer. This time a thigh, through jeans. Tyson, defending in vain his right to fight in the state of Nevada: "I'm not crazy like I'm not crazy like Charles Manson crazy, but I'm not Mother Theresa".

President Bush announced his creation of a new organization called the Freedom Corps last night. This is a volunteer organization concerned with Homeland Security.

If you've never taken a Statistics class, you have no idea. Wow.

Nothing's like coming home from EnvSciLab, 8 at night, sliding into a warm apartment, puttin' on the Mavs game, sidling up to some yummy supper, little to no homework, relaxing.