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Mark Followill does a great job, he really does. Every time a Mav even handles the ball, you know it. And his wildly enthusiastic trademarks make you want to jump up and pound the air. Grade A.

NT Daily stated today that a car takes 123 feet to stop from 30 mph. Had to correct them on this. In fact, many cars can stop from SIXTY miles per hour in under 123 feet. And not even a fully-loaded Ford Excursion takes anywhere near 123 feet from 30.

It would be easier to cross Avenue E (now NT Blvd.) if the speed limit were 35 instead of 20. As it is you wait all afternoon for the barely-moving cars to finally clear the road.

Hey how 'bout a few bike pics for ole time's sake? Honda's new wonderbike here, here and here.

And a display at the Buell section of the cycle show showing the ample cornering clearance of the new Firebolt (yes, it leans further than that but they had to set a limit for the static display). Click here.

Another bin Laden tape came out today, this one an October interview which was hidden by Al-Jazeera, which proves once again the infinite stupidity and lack of judgment of Mr. bin Laden and his vastly warped sense of reality.

My Superbowl prediction: a boring game, over by halfway through the second quarter. Rams 48, Pats 16.