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I'm thinking of doing this:

I'm trying to convince father to go down to Ennis tomorrow for some races (with the Vette).

I looked at a silver 2nd Gen RX-7 for sale for $500. It's been parked in the same spot in a dorm parking lot for months and doesn't start. Ultimately I couldn't buy it since I couldn't drive it. Probably wouldn't cost too much to get it starting regularly, but without knowing anything about how it runs or drives, I could be buying another money pit.

If you're on the fence about trying Return to Castle Wolfenstein, I suggest you try the single player game at least. We had a ton of fun making our way through the great variety of missions and environments. One level you're blowing away zombies, one you're in a chessmatch trying to figure out how to stealthily take out the guard towers and infiltrate the stronghold, one you're in a bombed-out city jumping from building to building while hidden rocket launcher soldiers take pot shots, one you're in a wintry village busting into bars and pumping bullets into Nazis, one you're having to escort a tank through narrow streets while anti-tank guns and flamethrower soldiers go after you, one you're sneaking through catacombs taking on a coven of ninja witches.

The presentation is slick, controls are excellent, AI can be devious, and it's just FUN. I wouldn't bother unless you've got at least 1 GHz/256 MB and a Geforce2 Ultra/Geforce3 though.