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Huh? My father is spending all weekend in Dallas? So said Kody when I called. If I ever had a wife and she tried to drag me away for some stupid shit for a whole weekend after I worked 50+ hours all week and looked forward to my toys and my castle and the games and relaxing.........

I do have about 20 hours of homework, though.

Winona has been charged with four felonies, relating to alleged shoplifting and alleged possession of painkillers without a prescription.

There are four stroke engines and two stroke engines, and a guy has designed what he calls a six stroke engine.

The Media Research Center catalogued Katie Couric's biased comments over the years. It's too bad they cut off early last year, as she had some really good ones concerning Gary Condit, Andrea Yates, and 9-11.

The REAL game tomorrow is the Lakers--Mavs game.

I'd love to participate in a local SuperTT racing league. Basically, it involves taking a motocross bike and adding street wheels and racing slicks and racing around tight road courses (which can be set up in parking lots). It looks like a ton of fun. Will it catch on?