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That was the best football game I've seen for six years! (since the Cowboys last won the SuperBowl)

I was only off by about 5 touchdowns. What a SPECTACLE. Most nail-biter of a SuperBowl ever.

NOBODY gave the Patriots a CHANCE. Not a CHANCE. They were more than two touchdown underdogs. Officially. Off the record some people (like me) were taking Rams by 30 points. I heard it all week long on the Dan Patrick show. How SWEET is it that they proved all the 'experts' wrong and finished their storybook season off by beating a team that some were saying was the best team (or at least the best offense) in NFL HISTORY?

I'm not a Pats fan. So this is different than '93,'94, and '96. But you can't help but LOVE the underdogs. You can't help but love what they were able to do. It was infectious, euphoric. Just awesome. This game made'ya feel GOOD.

Almost made up for the Mavs dissappointing loss to the Lakers earlier today.

After a 99 yard fumble recovery for a touchdown was called back because Willie McGinest was called for holding (essentially a FOURTEEN point swing right there), I thought it was over (even though the Pats were still up seven after the touchdown). The Rams offense packs a hell of a wallop. It was an unbelievable force for the Pats defense to absorb and you could tell they were as tired in the fourth as they'd ever been in their lives. But for most of the game they would bend and bend and not break. Willie McGinest tried to make up for his mistake with a massively important SIXTEEN yard sack of Warner later on. Close but not quite though.

The Rams tied it up, as a quarter of a billion people were expecting. It looked like the first Overtime SuperBowl. John Madden even said 'they should take a knee here and try and get the coin toss for OT'. But young Tom Brady, who must have ICE WATER running through his veins, about whom stories will be told 20 years from now, would have none of that, and took his team down to the point where Adam Vinatieri could win the game with only 6 seconds left by kicking a 48 yard field goal. And he did.

Why the massive upset? Mistakes. Turnovers, mostly. The Rams gave up the ball three times leading to 17 points for the Pats. Pats held on to the ball with no turnovers. Of course, the Pats had a lot to do with the Rams giving it up. Alot of people will say the Rams beat the Rams but turnovers don't just happen!

The Pats' defense was outstanding. This wasn't the '85 Bears or '93 Cowboys, but they took all the Rams could throw at them and kept the team in it. They held Faulk to 76 yards. They made big plays.

The Pats played a SMARTER game. Mike Martz makes me sick. Belichick did a masterful job of bringing his guys to play and giving them what they needed to succeed. The Rams blew their timeouts carelessly. They oozed arrogance and overconfidence. I believe they were patting themselves on the back a little too much all week. An interesting thing about the Patriots is that they asked NOT to be introduced individually before the game (as is the practice in the big game), but rather swarmed the field all at once. The Rams had Aenias Williams, Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, and several other Pro Bowlers. The Pats had a young untested 'third string' quarterback and no superstars but an amazing team ethic.

Congratulations to the Patriots and their fans.

SuperBowl XXXVI MVP Tom Brady