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Today Dan Patrick said something interesting. He said "Everything about that game was an optical illusion. It looked like the Rams were doing what they wanted to do on offense... but it's one of those things where the coach nudges you after the game and asks 'did you notice our game plan?'"

Rams thought they played a better game. You shoulda heard Faulk after the game. The Rams had better stats in every category. They looked like they could turn it on any time. They got handled hardcore. The Pats wanted it more and took it with their left hand while giving the Rams a handshake with their right. And they bloodied Warner's lip. I think the Rams STILL don't get what Belichick did. Brilliant game. What suspense!

He also said Paul McCartney wrote that stupid 'Freedom, talkin' 'bout Freedom' song on the way to the stadium. Gotta agree, that was awful.

Try this. Start--> Run--> telnet

I hope I never have to take another 'lower level' course at this university again. Some of these people couldn't have done the work I had to do in 4th grade LAMP class (the once-a-week off-campus class for the brilliant few that I was in for three years). The amount of laziness, apathy, and sluggish-mindedness... I'm just tired of L.C.D. idiots.

Get this: in order to get MORE tickets sold, the Texas Lottery increased the number of numbers selected for the Lottery from 50 to 54. Odds against winning increased by (54�53�52�51) = 7,590,024 times!

Oh, Algore, you amuse me, you really do.

Charley has a new tradition. About a third of the way through the show, he goes and gets some coffee during a break. Then he 'shares' the first 'slurp' with the audience. And he always says "ahhh, that's good stuff" in a slightly choked voice.