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It seems the Patriots handled the Rams in three different video game simulations.

I tried out jDoom. Definitely better than GLDoom/DoomLegacy. This one has 3D models. Interesting to see Doom at 1024X768 with full screen antialiasing and light sourcing. It has a bunch of tricks and upgrades.

Some anti-gunners scare the hell out of me. I'm tired of this social bigotry in the media against gun owners. Responsible gun owners are NOT the problem.

That Power Commander thing is great! You use it with your bike's ECU to gather data, then hook it up to your PC and load the software and data. Then you can tailor a fuel-injection map and an ignition map for a variety of throttle openings from 1% to 100%, at every RPM level from idle (which you can adjust) to the rev-limiter (which you can adjust). Nifty.

Ever heard the origin of 'giving the finger'?

It went something like this. During the Hundred Years War, the English longbow was the finest weapon on the battlefield. The six-foot long bows fired three-foot arrows at a range of nearly 200 yards and could pierce the finest made armor easily. This was disastrous to the French armies they faced in combat, who relied upon numerical superiority throughout most of the Norman-Saxon struggles. Well-trained English troops outflanked the French with overlapping fields of fire and massacred forces that often numbered between 3-4 times their own.

When the French were in control, anyone who owned a longbow was put to death, and they resorted to cutting off the middle fingers of English men so they would never be able to handle the bow. As a result, those who still had their middle fingers would proudly display them to the French, in battle or otherwise - accompanied, of course, with the expletives and phrases that became associated with it and give the gesture its meaning today.