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This is diary post #200.

My letter to NT Daily has been printed in the NT Daily.

I heard about a small riot that broke out in a California penitentiary involving FIFTY inmates. The cause? An argument about the SuperBowl, which they were watching. They were having a SuperBowl Party. The inmates serving hard time for violent crimes got to have themselves a SuperBowl Party. Let's hope that's just an aberration of the Left Coast.

Mavs went to double overtime last night to beat the Pacers by one point. Indiana, one of the best free-throw shooting teams in the league, missed SIX crucial free-throws in a ROW in overtime, any one of which would have iced the game for them. Whew!

The original Busa on Cycle World.

There's an interesting race going on:

two wheel drive, front swingarms, perimeter brakes, pneumatic valves, MotoGP tech for streetbikes, traction control, downforce-generating and/or aerodynamic bodywork, electromagnetic valve operation, variable displacement, VTEC, variable length intake/exhaust runners, twin crankpins, DI two stroke, turbo/supercharging, W-4/8, rotary, CVT transmissions, etc.


safety nazis, performance-choking EPA emissions and fuel economy regulations, electric/hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, onboard law enforcement, auto highways, the Kyoto Protocol, liberals, etc.