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Yes: two in one day.

First: okay, okay, so I was off by a factor of millions on the lottery thing. Thanks. I went back and checked it out more closely. Here are the actual equations (I think):

���50!��� _ 50�49�48�47�46�45�44! _ 50�49�48�47�46�45�44! _ 50�49�48�47�46�45 _ 11441304000 _ 15890700

6!(50-6)! - 6!�44! - 6!44! - 6�5�4�3�2 - 720 -

���54!��� _ 54�53�52�51�50�49�48! _ 54�53�52�51�50�49�48! _ 54�53�52�51�50�49 _ 18595558800 _ 25827165

6!(54-6)! - 6!�48! - 6!48! - 6�5�4�3�2 - 720 -

With 50 numbers, there are 15,890,700 combinations, odds of winning are 1 in 15,890,700.
With 54 numbers, there are 25,827,165 combinations, odds of winning are 1 in 25,827,165.

Divide the higher figure by the lower figure and you get a ratio of about 1.625:1, which means the change to 54 numbers from 50 numbers increases the odds against winning by about 62.5 percent. Whew!

The Geforce4 was released today. As usual, it's got a startling software demo. The thing can run Quake3 with every single graphic feature cranked to '11' at 1600 X 1200 with the highest quality full screen anti-aliasing turned on at 157 frames per second. Try that on your X-Box. nVidia can do no wrong (I've been analyzing their financial statements as part of my Accounting class).

I just heard there's a very good chance Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis will have a title fight 14 miles from my home! Oh God no!

I missed the Mavs game (class), but I was expecting a big loss, after last night's marathon. Tonight they played the best team in the East (which beat the best team in the West just two days ago), on the road, after arriving there at 4 am, playing a back to back, with Najera hurt and Howard suspended. Everything was set for a loss. They won anyway.

Wang was the player of the game and for the post-game they recorded his unintelligible comments and opened it up for caller interpretation.

UNT is going to build a bunch of new athletic centers including a new stadium. I'll pay an extra $250 per year and have to put up with construction right outside my window for months. I just don't see this university making any sort of impact in the NCAA any time soon. >:[

I didn't know UT Austin students pay $560 a year for the privelege of parking near the campus. Some person thinks UNT should charge the same amount so that they can build more parking lots and/or encourage people to just walk.

I overheard a couple of young ladies having a conversation about their Spring Break plans this year. I couldn't relate. Trying to decide which cruise line to use, which countries to visit, what exotic locales to tour. Here's me shivering through this friggin' freezing weather, eating small amounts of old food, putting off any major purchases for a half a decade or so...

Of course, Steve Molepske, my college roommate, owns two houses, one with 6 bedrooms, the other that he designed himself, and owns 4 cars with a combined worth of $250,000. He never worries about a bill. He never settles for Ramen. He never has to wait on doing something or buying something he wants. He lives how he wants where he wants and goes where he wants when he wants. Just turned 29 and he's already on his way to his second million.