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I confess, alright?

I never really played through Starcraft. Just never got around to it. Had ample opportunity to borrow it from people. Was going to borrow it from duo, but I got so annoyed that he didn't have the manual or the reference sheet, I put it off. Then when I finally borrowed it I still didn't load it up. Brought it back to his house. Then the next time I grabbed it again. But I still didn't load it up.

But today after a class I'd like to forget I decided to load 'er up and see what happened. It's not blowing me away, but it's fun, no doubt. I went through 5 whole missions. Won't have time to play next week much, but maybe I can stretch it out over weeks that way.

Had another class (later on after the one I want to forget) tonight, my EnvSciLab. I wonder what the TA is smoking these days. He doesn't seem to be able to focus for too long. He drew the most amazing conclusions from our little experiments today. We measured the oxygen content of pond water which was exposed to light versus that of pond water which was kept in the dark. From that he extrapolated about photosynthesis, about how plants only use 10% of the sun's energy, and cows only use 10% of plant's energy, and we only use 10% of cow's energy, so somehow you could feed 10 times as many people with the same energy if they all ate plants instead of cows because cows are one trophic level lower and there's a big energy loss. Uh huh. Here is my one page writing assignment topic, due next week, word for word as it's written in the lab book:

"How does the storage of energy in the algal biomass relate to the energy transferred to secondary consumers (i.e. fish), and tertiary consumers (i.e. humans) and how might this apply to some of the world's problems (species extinctions, human poverty, hunger, climate change, etc.)?"

That's going to be a 'reach'. The guy is entertaining though. It's hard to contain my snickers. At least the guy who teaches the lecture portion of the class knows what the hell he's talking about.

Seems Weapons Factory UT is finally coming out in finished form this morning. It's got two different mappacks. It's the ultimate CTF game, with 10 different player classes. Unlike Unreal Fortress, it doesn't suck. The Quake3 version has some of the most awesome FPS graphics I've ever seen. **MAN** I wish I had DSL.

Seems the amateur Oliver Stones are out in force. Here is just one of several threads where the idea that the Superbowl was somehow, *ahem*, "fixed" is debated. As always, scroll down or CTRL-F to nep (that's me!).

Bikepic? Why not? This is one of the most amazing machines ever devised by man. It's the new Aprilia RS3 (no, not a streetbike!) four stroke Grand Prix racebike, just unveiled and undergoing testing for the upcoming inaugural season of MotoGP (the new name now that four strokes are allowed in). It's got a 990cc inline triple. It uses PNEUMATIC VALVES (like Formula One cars). It revs to 18,000 or so. It makes MASSIVE power. Almost as much power as my last car. The difference here is the RS3 weighs 298 pounds without fuel and a max of 336 pounds ready to race with a full tank (and 480 with racer wearing gear--my car weighed about 3,900 with fuel and driver). It may look similar to the Aprilia Superbike racebike (I have a Polaroid of that bike, the stupid digicam wasn't powered up that night), but the difference is that bike was a streetbike that was made into a racebike, while the RS3 was designed from scratch for racing. It also costs three times as much, weighs 50 pounds less, and makes 40 horsepower more. I've got a video of the thing being tested and it sounds severely tough and corners like something from Tron.