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Just to show you people I don't blindly support President Bush on everything, I think this new $19 Billion renewal of the Drug War is a ridiculous waste of taxpayer dollars. Things like this are why many Libertarians claim there is little difference between Democrats and Republicans--they're both for big government, just in different areas. I don't necessarily agree, but it's hard to argue when they drop a bomb like this.

I need to do my anti-Drug War rant here one of these days. I'm fresh off arguing it in a thread on Esport a few weeks ago, so I should have all my ducks in a row.

I'm also completely opposed to President Bush's education policies, btw.

Hey, everyone be on your guard, there's an FBI warning for terrorism out today. CUE: rolling eyes. What the hell are we supposed to make of that?

The All Star game happened. What was Shaq wearing? He looked like Rerun. Dirk and Steve played well.

Any sport that uses judges is not a sport. Some countries take the Olympics too seriously. And what the hell is up with curling?

Turns out there will be no Tyson-Lewis fight at Texas Motor Speedway. The owner said the element that Tyson brings is undesirable. So there.

Here's something. There's a Hooters in Arlington that they're trying to build. It's within a mile of an elementary school. There's opposition. Some want the place to be barred from serving any alcohol, others want to stop it from opening at all.

Who's who here? 'What about the children?' type bleeding-heart sentiments smack of liberal arguments. Feminists bring their big guns in pretensious defense of women everywhere. And trying to tell private business what it can and can't do is a favorite liberal pastime. On the other hand, this anti-alcohol stand can only come from conservative moralists. What about the MORALS?? It's the decline of civilization fer godsake. And law enforcement throws its hat into the ring there too.

The nominees for the Oscars are out. Excuse me, Moulin Rouge was nominated for Best Picture, but Black Hawk Down WASN'T? That right there makes the whole thing superfluous to me. Moulin Rouge was terrible.

Took the EnvSci exam last night. If I didn't make a 105, I'll be shocked. He gave us a friggin' 'review sheet' with all the questions on it AND THEN gave us the answers. That's grounds for dismissal at some schools (like UD). I could have made a 100 back in 1st grade having only attended 10 minutes of one class. Gah! I like his lectures, but this is absurd.

The beta test for Warcraft III is on right now. Some dudes are running it at 1600x1200 with full anti-aliasing and saying it flies.

Seen that annoying Dell commercial? 'Dude, yer gittin' a Dell!' Oh goodie, settling for lower-class/proprietary motherboard, RAM, video, sound, keyboard, hard drive, and mouse and paying a $200 premium. Anyway, somebody made this for Esport.

I heard Lavron James will be the first NBA player to come out of his Junior year in HIGH SCHOOL! 17 and making millions.

Dallas street racing is something else. I've collected a bunch of videos. There are races every week. Every night. These dudes get up to 180 sometimes. I've been on some of those roads. Geez.