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If your background
Steps into the foreground
They�ll lock you away
Ignoring the instinct to stay down
And keep history at bay
You�ll have your day

Steady as it comes right down to you
I've said it all
So maybe you're a four horse engine
With a power drive
A hot kachina who wants into mine
Take it with your terracide

Try this. Don't listen to any music except a little bit of video game music and AM radio commercials for about a month. Then one day sit down with headphones and pick out some songs from your MP3 collection. Wow. Hell, Fernando by Abba sounded like The Best Thing I'd Ever Heard.

And I'm not ashamed to say
The roar of guns and cannons
Almost made me cry

This got somewhat lengthy. That's alright, it's still brilliant. All stuff written in the last few days. Next post will be a return to 3/4 page posts.

The title of this diary is a phrase used to denote NASCRAP fans by a guy on Esport. The true raping was NASCRAP and FUXSPORTS raping all the legitimate racing series (and fans) in the country.

I wrote my essay for EnvSci. I don't think like 'they' do, ya know. The assignment asked us to throw logic, reason, and sanity out the door and come up with reasons why humans are evil and algae is good, how the magnitudinal decrease in energy utilization from one trophic level to the next is related to human poverty, and how the mere act of respiration pollutes the air. I played along. SimplyCosmic would be ashamed of me. I remember when I was a kid science was just something to have fun with, a stimulating subject. Now politics gets shoved in your face (and the faces of children) at every turn.

Yesterday was brutal. I had THREE exams, and not one was easy (like the EnvSci one I was bitching about last post). All told I was at school for 10 hours straight, studying or taking tests. I was crosseyed and starving by the time I got to leave. As if I have it hard. Some people in other parts of the world haven't had clean water to drink in weeks and have never heard of climate control and have to work 18 hours per day just to stay alive.

My stepmother is touring Belize next week.

I had a dream. It included Harpy Eagles that started out small and every time we looked over they looked a little bigger and more menacing and soon they were 4 feet tall and staring right at us alarmingly. Harpy Eagles look like this, by the way; they are the most ass-kicking birds they make. Anyway, also in the dream I had a roommate and this other dude convinced me to let him 'borrow' my roommate's car; I remember asking how he started it and he said something along the lines of 'it's really his mother's car, hahaha!' and I guess that meant it had some kind of failsafe autostart mode. I told him to be careful, but we got out on the highway and there were JETLINERS on the side of the road. And one pulled out behind us, and started gaining on us. It was big, but not as big as a real plane. Anyway, it caught up to us (on the highway) and actually bumped our trunk and roof with its nose. I was sitting in the back seat in horror watching this yelling at the dude who took the car to go faster. Later we saw there was lots of damage and my roommate would be mad. Other parts included me getting a new kitten and my mother coming in and throwing him against the wall when she found him lying on my bed.

I was listening to the Congressional testimony of the 'whistleblower' (Sherron Watkins) in the Enron case. Parts were very interesting. The parts about JEDI and Raptor, about the environment inside Enron during some of the most despicable greed-induced swindling in history, about certain leaders in the company, and about her struggle with whether to do the right thing (and exactly what that was)... I actually know what some of those things are after my business classes. This is why we have GAAP, the FASB, and the SEC. You don't become the 7th largest publicly-held company in the country and give to thousands of politicians (including basically EVERY member of Congress) while cheating on public documents to the tune of billions of dollars without your house of cards eventually falling down around you. If I were on the Energy Committee, I'd make a deal with Lay and Skilling: if you agree to kill yourselves, we'll lay off for your last remaining days. It had to take colossal courage for Watkins to come forward.

Well, cloning favorite family pets appears as if it might be on the way for the general public.

About the Kyoto Agreement: Remember, a UNANIMOUS 100 to nothing vote of Congress voted it down. Why? Because it's FUCKING ABSURD!!! It deals slow softballs to most countries in the world while trying to beat the ever-loving crap out of the United States. No wonder they all loved it. The President (any President) alone wouldn't have the ability to accept the Kyoto Protocol--but if he did and he signed it, HE WOULD BE IMPEACHED!!! The devestation Kyoto would cause this country would make the WTC attacks seem like an insignificant market fluctuation. Know that Kyoto was aimed SQUARELY at the US.

I'm glad I don't live in England. If I did I'd leave. I liked how hawkish and steadfast Blair was following the attacks on the US, but that government is out of control. It's a hundred different things. But the newest thing is that motorcycles have been banned from all roads near national parks in the UK and 41 other 'Areas of Outstanding Beauty' as they call it. They already have higher road taxes for motorcycles (which is the opposite of how France does things) and the infamous 'GATSO on every street' mandate (a GATSO is a Draconian computer camera which will slap you with a fine for exceeding the posted speed limit by even 1 mph and can levy multiple fines per day per person).

Some guy on Charley the other night was explaining why 'quarter pi' is a much more useful measurement than pi and had all sorts of stimulating examples.

Jones Deep Night Trivia is on right now.

I'm considering a second bicycle. Picture right here. It's a Specialized Expedition. If I got it I'd keep the Hardrock as my trail/stunt/beater bike. Love the British Racing Green paint. It's a rigid (no suspension in front nor rear--good for keeping under control on the street), although it has a suspension seat post which is preload-adjustable. It comes with barely treaded street tires (great for gripping going around corners, wretched for off-road). It comes with a sprocket guard (good for keeping my jeans intact). It has a wider but harder seat. It uses aluminum for the frame (several pounds lighter than the steel used in the Hardrock). It has an adjustable handlebar angle. Also I would get it in the 17" frame size (mine is a 21") which means it would have a shorter wheelbase (easier wheel lofts and faster turning) and less weight. I'd love to put that next to my current bike. What do you think?

For me no more Olive Branch. They delivered my pizza with slices of pepperoni on it. I HATE pepperoni. There was no tomato sauce of any kind. Just a thick slab of old-looking cheese on floury crust and pepperoni hidden amongst the ham and sausage I did order.

Dumb shallow bitches still suck. They seem to be prevalent 'round here too. And can anyone pinpoint the year when the phrases 'I said' and 'I was saying' morphed into 'and I was like' and 'I'm like'? I'm like, you sound like a damned charicature when you use 'I'm like' ten times in a one minute conversation. And I'm not referring to idiosyncratic writing styles, strictly verbal foibles.

Now I have to give a eulogy (for class). Either that or a commencement speech for graduation. Which would you pick?

I found this very good website that lets you try out different trades between NBA teams using their salaries, contracts, needs, and the vagaries of the trade system.

I'm into the Zerg. At first I was having trouble, but I found this good website which explains some of the special abilities. I've been careful not to read anything I shouldn't know yet. Resource management is fun.

Bikepics. An airbrush job somehow fitting here. And the furring craze reaches an all-time low here. COO-KIE MON-STER!

My father is part of a Corvette Club. He's heading down to Motorsport Ranch soon for some track time. I'm trying to get him to do a Saturday morning at the drag strip in Ennis as well. Maybe get him interested in really uncorking the engine in that thing (some of those guys have 200 HP on him).

You really should download the following two vids: Video 1 and Video 2. These are two videos of the new four stroke GP bikes being tested. The first is the Yamaha M1 and the second is the Suzuki XREO. Unfortunately, I can't find or link the videos for the Aprilia RS3 and Honda RCV211 which are really the most impressive ones so far (many more to come as more manufacturers jump on board). The Yamaha (the red Marlboro bike) video is pretty impressive. The bikes aren't really being pushed hard on the straights or corners as it's just preliminary testing, but still something to see (and hear!!) anyway. Check out the corner speed the Yamaha keeps, particularly on the last turn on the vid. The Suzuki by contrast seems to run wide there and carry less speed. The Honda RCV blows em both away.