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I'm fascinated by stuff like this. This came from some anonymous poster on a gaming/tech site I read each day.

'When can you people take down the stupid 'US' flag from the top of the site? We get the idea,

"America is better than all of you", blah, blah, blah. I'm personally offended having to look at the ugly colors that where I live stand for a bullying government that thinks it can do anything it wants and is the REAL terrorists and a bunch of lazy fat arrogant super rich people that think they live at the only place in the world.

I'm sure everyone outside of the so-called "united states" will agree with me.

PS I guess you put that up for the overrated Sep 11 thing, well, hate to tell you this, but it's FIVE FUCKIN MONTHS LATER, and nobody else cared after the first day anyway. Get over it, youve done far worse to the whole rest of the world for your whole pitiful history.'

There aren't enough 'rolling eyes' emoticons for stuff like that. Let's just move on.

I updated my last post a tad. It's not really worth reading over if you already did, but it's a little better now. I'm sending it to Speed Channel. Hehe.

Next post will be the 'all car' post (with a little bikes thrown in) if all goes well. Should be good. Hey, it's between classes, what else am I going to do?

I've now gone eight months with no DSL.

Today I realized that being Dan Patrick must be one hell of an incarnation.

How about this: Europe pretty much wants to sit on its hands and let bad things happen AGAIN. If we sit back and let these countries develop the weapons they want to plunge the world into chaos and terror with, haven't we committed the single biggest disservice to the human race in all its history? Europe is nothing but a bunch of followers. Colin Powell was on MTV the other day. I didn't hear it first hand, but he answered a question from some 'Euro' by saying 'We go into Europe and help when help is needed. Are we building an empire? Are we grabbing land? Are we trying to take over the world? No, the only land we ask for is a place to bury our dead soldiers.' That's not verbatim. As it was told, he did this without even batting an eyelash.

President Bush is visiting Japan right now. He was greeted by protestors (what else is new?). One group didn't like the fact that the US Congress, in 1998, voted 'hell, no' for Kyoto and so had signs that read 'Bush destroying the world', the other group didn't like the fact that the US is taking the initiative to keep the world safe and so had signs that read 'Bush the terrorist'. Notice the University this guy is from? Yup, that's Wako (wacko) University.

I'm 3 for 3 so far making 'A's on last week's exams. My EnvSci prof was talking about studies with lab rats and overcrowding/overpopulation--the rats who rarely got a moment alone and always had company were stressed, aggressive, had trouble sleeping, lost weight (muscle), had elevated heartrates, etc.