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I rocked the house on my eulogy speech. That stuff's fun when you get right down to it. Got a couple people wanting to comment after class. Later on we have to do a persuasive debate speech with a partner, taking either side of an issue. That one'll be good.

Way to go. A group of people have filed a lawsuit against Osame bin Laden.

Last week I was talking about my contemporaries and where some of them are in life. Yesterday in Accounting we had a short presentation before class by an accountant from TravisWolff. This guy came to debunk some of the myths people might have about accountants (such as 'accounting is boring, accountants are nothing but pencil-pushers', etc.) and tell his story. He is 27 years old. He's making a ton of money, he loves his job (very little pencil-pushing involved in what he does--he doesn't have his CPA cert, but he did get a Master's in Accounting), he'll ALWAYS have a job (accountants are constantly in demand and are always the last to be layed off at a dying company). He emphasized that accounting is a great 'portable' degree and that you can go into nearly any field with an accounting degree. I still don't want to go into accounting, but it gave me alot to think about.

I found out today my step-cousin Jonothan, who killed his three best friends a few years ago when he crashed his car, was arrested for possession and trafficking and will serve a MINIMUM of 10 years (if convicted). Jerk.

From the What Will They Think of Next? Department, Yahoo is developing a plan to charge money for each web search; and many stores are starting to require thumbprints on personal checks.

BAD things are happening with my Mavericks. The trade rumors are flying. They haven't looked real sharp since the All-Star break (2 and 3) and Tuesday looked wretched against a Garnett-less Timberwolves team. I'm sitting here waiting to hear which essential players they've traded away. The worst thing is, they're trying to get one of the biggest UNDERachievers since Jalen Rose and Chris Webber: Nick Van Exel. Ugh. LLLLoser.

UPDATE*** OH MY GOD, they've done it now, they traded Tim Hardaway, Juwan Hardaway, a #1 DRAFT PICK!!!!, and $1 million (cap money!) for Van Exel and LaFrenz (and Avery Johnson). The guy for Denver just took out his trash and left it in Dallas. JESUS! What in the HELL are they thinking??? Good god, we're in trouble now. All we have now are a bunch more players we can't get rid of that are going to suffocate our cap. And giving away our draft pick?? Hardaway is gone? Man I'm just scratching my head. We got screwed.

I wish the Arby's I worked at in high school was still around. You know, that was the biggest Arby's in the state of Texas. Christmas Saturdays were ridiculously busy, especially before the food court was built there. I'm talking eight registers and 15 customers in each line for most of the day. I don't even recognize the area I grew up in. There are huge highrise highways and the malls which used to be separated by a half mile are almost like one colossal shopping zone.

A class at Berkeley features a project that includes having an orgy and reporting to the class (with pictures) on it afterwards, and a Final where the 'professor' has gay sex on stage for the students. They get college credit for that.

I heard this on the radio: "Our natural selves are stone killers not blubbering sensitivos; I'm in favor of repression; repression has let us build things, little things like, oh, civilization."