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Three weeks until Spring Break. I'm...

I'm not sure what I'm doing. Curse the lack of transportation and money. Wouldn't a motorcycle trip through Arkansas and Oklahoma be just the thing? Or maybe all the way to Deal's Gap (North Carolina). 318 curves in 11 miles through the most beautiful scenery in the country.

The Olympics are over. Barring disaster tonight, nobody died. America grabbed 34 medals, one shy of Germany (of course, three were in snowboarding). Two man luge, hehe. The hockey games were good I heard. The ice skating wasn't. How about Russia acting like a spoiled little kid?

How about some photos of Sarah Hugues? Yah? Click here, here, and here.

The strength of the internet as a communications medium is the fact that it removes the barrier of synchronicity.

They calculated the speed of WTC suicide plane #2 as 586 mph prior to impact. Woah, that thing was really moving!

After reading what I did, I'll try and avoid homeowner's associations, communities, covenants, etc. at all costs! What crooks.

Resident Evil movie? Yawn.