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Yes, it really says that on the tube of chocolate chip cookie dough.

A few months ago I posted an email that was going around entitled 'What to do if you come upon a peace rally'.

Well, a friend of mine on Esport, in response to a thread somebody else posted, has written the counterpoint to that piece. It's funny and I thought it only fair to post it here. Thanks to redtwin.

What to do if a stupid, chest-pounding idiot tries to disrupt your peace rally

1. Stop minding your own business when a stranger approaches you with un-solicited comments

2. Feign interest as the person tries to bait you into an argument

3. Wait for him to punch you in the face as it's the only way he can get his point across considering his limited brain capacity

4. Do nothing but feel pity for him as he was probably an abused child who only knew violence as a means of expression

5. Offer to set an example of how civilized adults should act

6. When he refuses to grow up and punches you in the face harder, kick him in the balls, then when he drops to the ground, break the stick from your picket sign over his head and ram the jagged end into his eyes; then explain to him that violence, no matter how much he thinks it is justified, still results in pain and suffering

7. Offer your hand to help him up while asking him how he feels about people who fight back with violence and force