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This is supposed to be a short post. It will be a *quick* post whatever happens.

I like wind when I'm on a motorcycle, wearing a helmet. I like wind when I'm in a car with the windows and sunroof open (or in an open top car). I even like mild wind or wind generated by speed when I'm on my bicycle. I do not like wind when I have to fight gusts of it on my way to class up the giant hill while it blows my hat off and my hair askew. I do not like wind when it's under 40�. I do not like wind inside when I'm trying to read or go to sleep.

Don't make the mistake of confusing the goals of the Heritage Foundation with those of the Cato Institute.

I've gathered little bits of info. I'm not sure the redesign will be possible or worth the effort. Thinking.

It really is about time somebody wrote a book on the REAL Jesse Jackson. I probably won't read it, admittedly.

Daytona 200 is coming this weekend to kick off the AMA Superbike and SuperSport seasons (the third major AMA class, Formula Xtreme, which has much looser rules, lower budgets, and open-class bikes, doesn't start until later). I'm hopeful I'll be able to watch it (it's possibly the last motorcycle event NASCRAP channel will ever cover--they're giving it 7 hours of live coverage though). Nicky Hayden is the pole sitter for BOTH races--Superbike on his RC-51 and SuperSport on his CBR600F4i. Crazy. The best lap times this year are one whole second better than the previous record! My favorite bike is the R7. My favorite rider (in AMA) is E-Boz (Eric Bostrom, who rides the old, outdated Kawasaki). But you can't deny the Mat Mladin/Nicky Hayden rivalry is going to be huge this year. I'd say there's a 50% chance the season winner will be one of those two guys. AMA races are so friggin' awesome to watch on TV! They are the absolute antithesis of the NASCRAP races at the same track (alot of that has to do with the fact the bikes only use a small portion of the banked oval for their course; needless to say, it's an amazing race, and it's a RACE the whole way).

April 20th is the next Corvette Dyno Day. Last year's was alot of fun, and now I actually know who some of those people are (from reading the board for a year, watching videos, checking out personal websites, etc.). I hope to drag my father out there again. He's got a couple buddies with Vettes now (from the club), maybe they can come too.

Sometimes it's hard to believe the things people do. Read this short news story.

I heard an interview with the guy who won last week's NASCRAP race, Sterling Marlin. What state is he from? Must be Tennessee or Mississippi. I can usually suss out what someone is attempting to say, but his accelerated twang was over my head.

Is ABC going to cancel one of the best shows on network TV, Nightline, so they can put David Letterman on? I guess that would be a sign of the times. Maybe Koppel will go to one of the cable news channels and get an hour every night and a lot more freedom.

That's all I wanted to say. Today.