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Weren't those threads fun (see last post)?

I'm on Spring Break... and you're not! Well, you might be...

I'm wondering, does a bike with the title 'Fat Boy' or 'Wide Glide' sound like a fun motorcycle? Those are two model lines of Hardleys. I'd rather use a 'Fireblade', 'Interceptor', 'Ninja', or 'Futura'.

I really like this bike pic. I feel for the poor girl who owns the green bike though. And this guy converted his dirt-only MotoX two-stroke to a streetbike with lights, blinkers, license plate, starter, kickstand, street tires/wheels, etc.

A better picture of the WTC Monument is here.

My father is going to sign up for the Panoz Driving School at Texas Motor Speedway. They use alot of the twisy infield part of the track. It's not for a few months, but I'll be out there videotaping.

The Vette in this video runs a 9.77 @ 144.7 mph, which is about what a stock Busa or 12R or Gix1K runs, but is astonishing for a street-driven car with DOT tires, pump gas, no nitrous, and a full interior. It's a twin turbo. Notice how it just explodes off the line. The modded Viper in the other lane is no slouch. Oh, pay no attention to the morons talking on the video.

Jones Overnight Trivia is on. Damn it rules!

Well, I'm off and I'll be inaccessible for a couple of days. Only six weeks of school left (plus Finals week) when I come back. I'll have a report when I get back.

As the skunk said when the wind shifted, it all comes back to me now.