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Not The Update here. Just a coupla notes.

The high temps here in Denton
Monday = 45�
Tuesday = 55�
Wednesday = 65�
Thursday = 75�

You should go look at the Spiderman site and watch the Spiderman trailer. Click here. Toby Maguire (from Pleasantville and Cider House Rules) is Peter Parker. I think he's done a great job. He does shy, pensive, nerdy well. Kirsten Dunst IS MJ with that hair.

I'm not real happy with the Green Goblin. I hope they don't kill him off in the first movie as they did with Batman's so-called arch-enemies. Spidey has a strong code against killing, and although GG isn't really the 'arch-nemesis', the whole essence of a villain like that is that he's a recurring opponent. Killing Joker off 80 minutes after he was born was stupid.

I was a little put off by the fact that Spidey's webs now originate from underneath his skin. Sam Raimi (who directed Darkman, Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, and A Simple Plan... WOW!!) apparently caved under fan pressure delivered via the internet and compromised somewhat--the webs originate from Peter's body, but he built devices to 'steer' the webs and control their spread and shape.

Anyway, it looks as if they've stayed fairly close to the official Marvel origin of Spiderman. There are differences, of course. The 40 year time shift comes to mind. And of course, the world the movie Spidey inhabits isn't populated by all manner of other super-beings. Face it, the Marvel Universe is a damned crowded place.

Watch the old trailer. Go to the site I linked above. Click on 'Launch US Site', then 'Making the Movie', then 'Trailers'. Try the 'Win Media 500K' version. There's also a new trailer due on Wednesday. What's there so far looks good (at least until the Green Goblin is on screen). I love the way Spidey moves. They captured his agility well. And how about the sheer joy of running up walls? How about Aunt May's admonishment: "you're not Superman you know"... But will it really be Spiderman without this tune?

Movie debuts May 3rd. I'm sure I'll see it a few times. George who?