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Well, I still haven't gotten around to telling about my Spring Break. I guess I'll just trickle stuff in here and there.

I saw Resident Evil. Hrm. I think it was pretty good. I went in not knowing much about it. Here's a spoiler: everyone dies. Except the girl, acted by Milla Jovovich. Eyebrows. Anyway, not just all the bad guys, not even just all the main characters, but the entire city. Hey, it's a passable action/startle movie. I probably wouldn't bother if you let it slide into DVD.

I got some booty over Break too. I got a digital camera. I got a new Zip Drive, USB, which is about 5 times faster than the old and supports 250 MB discs and doesn't require a power adaptor. I got a tiny portable LCD TV.

After my NASCRAP rant a couple months ago, I'm attending the race this weekend at Texas Motor Speedway. We got GOOD tickets, free, and my brother is also camping out in the infield. He's already there (Wednesday night). I'll bring my digital camera and take some pics. I'll give you my honest opinion when I get back. The hard part is, the MotoGP season starts Sunday, and AMA Superbike and World Superbike both have races that day on Speed Channel. Oh well. Go Jeff Gordon.

Charley was talking about his definition of GOD the other night. GOD stands for 'Good Orderly Direction', and it refers to that feeling a master gets when everything's flowing for him and he achieves active nirvana.

Rangers are back on the radio and doing night games. On the West coast. This means after all the post game hand-wringing about how hard they suck, it's 2 in the morning before Charley comes on!! Grrrrr!!

End of this month will be a great time to pull out the telescope.

Man, what the hell is it with people squealing their tires IN PARKING LOTS? How fecking impressive is that?

Oh, woe is me. The outstandingly lovely Kate Botello has left TechTV and I didn't even get to say goodbye. Oh Goddess...

I had this when I was a little kid. His name was Gaiking. He could shoot missiles from his chest and fire his fist at other kids' chins. He was big.

Well, I'm heading to my FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store), Talon Comics, on Friday to pick up my copy (just one for now I think) of Hero 5.

Random RPG cover art.

The Blue Planet cover and the Archipelago sourcebook for same. I LOVE the premise and setting of this game. This needs to become a movie.
Children of the Sun. Nice.
Wild Talents, which is due in June, pictures here, here, here, and here.
Silver Age Sentinels, which uses the Big Eyes Small Mouths engine and seems very promising, also due soon.
And not a new cover, but the best cover I've seen so far, the GURPS Traveller cover. Sublime.

For those who fear 400 page rulebooks that don't even contain any genre info or setting info, there's the Six Word RPG.

Bringing role-playing to Monopoly.

HeroSphere, Freedom Force, and City of Heroes.

Incredibly cool free Marvel Dot Comics.

There was a topic about famous people who play role-playing games. I was surprised at the confirmed ones. Probably the best known gamer is Robin Williams. It's a confirmed established fact that he plays Warhammer, Cyberpunk 2020, and used to play GURPS. Wil Wheaton (err, Wesley Crusher from a long time ago?) plays D&D3E, posts to from time to time, coded his own website in php, and is a strong Libertarian. Claudia Christian from Babylon 5 is probably the most famous LARPer (live action). Jaques Villeneuve, the CART racecar driver, GMs Shadowrun. Curt Schilling, world series winning MLB pitcher, is a rabid wargaming fan--he even bought an ailing company and delayed a Spring Training in order to finish research on Dutch and Polish WW2 vehicles. The 'short guy' on Ally Macbeal plays Birthright. Michael Stipe sang about Rifts and one guy from Weezer talked D&D a while back in an interview, even describing his character. Vin Diesel is a confirmed gamer. Others who may game or may have gamed in the past: George R.R. Martin, Kobe Bryant, Lexa Doig, Tim Zahn, Andy Richter, Courteney Solomon, Justin Whalen, Joss Whedon, Drew Carey, Henry Thomas, Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes, Tom Morello, Matt Groening, Mike Myers, Bobby McFerrin, Jon Spencer...