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Well well well.

Today I was supposed to give a speech. I skipped! Apathy. I'll do it sometime next week. Oh yah after I write it.

Tonight we watched an old Frontline episode on endocrine disruptors. It was thought-provoking, if fairly visibly biased. I'm not real sure what the point of it was, other than to scare the viewer, which of course makes it a perfect fit for the class we watched it in.

Another thing I did over Spring Break was I went out with my brothers Kody and duo to shoot. It was more fun than I imagined it would be. We bought a huge box of shotgun shells and bullets for his pistol. We had to wear earplugs, but in doing so the noise was completely tolerable. We went to his dad's land out in Boyd. HUGE area. We did skeet-shooting. I sucked at the beginning but got better and got a couple double hits (two launched at the same time). Kody was very good about showing us everything about the guns (the shotgun was very simple but the pistol had all kinds of different buttons and gizmos). We tried our luck with a target using the pistol. I did badly at that. Kody got bullseyes while I missed the target completely. It's MUCH harder than it looks! Anyway, very fun afternoon.

Another thing we did was use duo's new webcam to make our own stop-motion photography movies with clay which we bought at the store. Kewl! We did several test movies and then a 900 frame opus. In it you see a blob of clay sprout a hand which gives the viewer a thumbs up, then the hand is absorbed back into the blob, then the blob slowly (and painfully) forms into some type of grazing animal, then three small bipeds (black clay) find the animal and start walking around him as if rejoicing, then they stop and sprout toothpick spears, and attack the hell out of the animal, with blood coming out (scraps of red paper), then the animal runs away but doesn't get far as one of the biped hunters hurls his spear at the animal's neck (this looked so cool!) and they run back to him and kill him. At the end you see a close up of one of the bipeds, who's hanging on the end of his spear which is sticking the belly of the beast while a pool of blood forms.

They're making Hulk. Jennifer Connelly will be Betty Ross. Eric Bana from Black Hawk Down will be Bruce Banner. And the Hulk? Computer graphics! After Final Fantasy, they can do anything. Hulk is not just a big ole body builder like Lou Ferrigno. Hulk is 9 feet tall and 6 feet wide. With arms like tree trunks.

They're also doing Daredevil and X-Men 2. Gee, wonder if Archangel, Vision, Nightcrawler, or MoonKnight (my fave Marvel characters) will show up in a movie some day. Apparently this 'SmallVille' is a smash hit TV show, although I've never even seen an ad for it.

People are getting their Hero 5 books in. I've read a few quick capsule reviews already. Not a bad word to be heard. It's 384 pages. No genre info. No setting info. Doesn't even include ANY example characters, equipment, weapons, powers, items, etc. It truly is the ToolKit. All have mentioned how beautiful the book is inside and out, how well bound, how quality the paper is, how detailed it is. Dang, Hero goes respectable.

I went by my local gaming store and hung out for about two hours. The guy who owns the place is named Derek, a really nice guy. I checked out a bunch of stuff. The brand new Call of Cthulhu, Spycraft, Godlike, DragonBlooded, Mechanical Dream, etc. Anyway, I prepaid for Hero 5 and will pick it up Monday. Only one for now. He's already sold almost all of his initial allotment. Better yet, he'll be running a bi-weekly or so Champions game pretty soon.

I picked up TransFormers #1. It's not a very good story so far, as they haven't even woken up any of the bots (24 pages, scarcely any bot sightings). But the art is outstanding. I love the way they're drawn and the style looks like 3-D graphics with cel shading. Check this out.

You know, is there a more frustrating sign-up system than Yahoo! Groups? Gah, I give up.

Well, I think the Palestinians will go down in history for having a 'suicide belt manufacturing plant'. Good company for the NAZIs I'd say. Why is the world ganging up on the Jews? The EU and the UN want the US to make Israel grant all kinds of land and various and sundry benefits to the Palestinians as reward for daily massacring of innocent women and children.