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Well, FREd is in my hands. Hero 5th Edition. I have it. Got it from TalonComics. Damn it looks good. The green is nice and deep and it stood out against all the other books at the store. It's selling well.

I have new image hosting. I'm working on my own custom character sheet. The basic sheet is here. Two glossed-up examples are here and here.

Next month the Ultimate Martial Artist comes out for Hero. See the nice-lookin' cover here.

Derek at Talon is hosting a game on April 27th. A basic lowish-powered but not street level '4 color' superhero game inside the store. Here is the fellow I'm thinking of bringing along for that.

I bought something called a Bionicle, and got this wallpaper.

Alright, I will leave this at that. More, about other stuff, tomorrow.