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I'll tell you, going to shows is fun and all when the alternative might be sittin' around at home (*not that I don't enjoy sitting around at home). But there are only a very few bands which can actually make me giddy with anticipation for their show.

Sloan is one of those few. They might even be number one. I've listened to this band's stuff since September 1994 when I bought Twice Removed on a whim. I'd heard 'Overwhelmed' from the previous album and I'd read a year-end roundup in Spin with a section about 'the best albums of the year you didn't hear' where Twice Removed was pictured. So, took a chance, fell in love.

I've loved that band ever since. I've heard about their live show. Heck I've heard their live show.

And now, finally, I may have the chance to finally see em!