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I went to Sack n Save to buy Milk and cereal and a couple other things this morning. I went to the counter to check out and said "Good morning!"

Blank stare.

She told me the total price for my stuff: $11.40.

I've been up all night working on a project. I got the digits right in the box on the check, but I wrote "Eleven Dollars and No----------------- 88 for the written amount. Oops.

The girl looks at me for several seconds and then says "why did you write no cents?"

"Oh Geez I'm sorry... man where is my head? Let me fix that."

More staring.

Doesn't appear to want to take the check out of my hand. Finally does. With a trace of roughness/rudeness.

Needs to see my ID. Writes down everything. Asks for phone number. Gives me this odd stare with one eye before moving to hand me my card back.

Doesn't say another word. But stares the whole time. And is immune to my own brief stares.

After I've loaded up and outside and as I'm about to get on my bike I happen to look over in the direction of the door.

My cashier and the other cashier are both standing at the door staring at me. Motionless and silent.

I just remembered why I hate that fucking store.