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Well I certainly was exhausted after last night. Wednesday, I did my usual school marathon. Multiple assignments due for Statistics class, a meeting with my lab partners, and over seven hours of class. Okay. Then I came home and had to write one four-page paper and one two-page paper for Comm class. One of these, the short one, was on my Comm instructor's movie ('The Reluctant Hitman') which we had watched Tuesday and which was frankly in the bottom three in goodness of all movies I've ever seen. Fine. I was up most of the night. Couple hours of sleep, woke up and groggily got to work on the SIX page paper for EnvSciLab due at 6:00 that evening.

It was absurdly difficult. Partway through I had to leave and go to Comm class to drop off those papers and (unfortunately) watch two of the worst speeches ever by other students. I also had to run instead of ride as it looked like rain. Had to skip a planned meeting with my group to go over the little 'skit' Sloan (yes, his name is Sloan Callen) wrote for us. Instead I ran home, starving, tired as a dog, to finish and print out the masterpiece that I and I alone had been charged with writing (to be fair, the two females in my group contributed quite their share in the form of the survey, research, posters, photographs, and planning).

I got to class at 5:59 and had to sit through two hours of pretty terribly done presentations before it was our turn. I was literally digging my own fingernails into skin on my leg to keep from drifting to happy sleepyland. Finally we did our presentation, which pretty much kicked ass in several ways (even though we didn't have PowerPoint).

Then I got to go home and collapse. I slept for fourteen hours.

Two more weeks is all we have left in this semester. I am pleased at how quickly things seem to be moving along. It seems like not that long ago I was lamenting the hopelessness of the situation. Then I received financial aid, changed my major to Business, decided to not deal with working and owning a car, took alot of hours, and now, thirty-five hours later, I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. Not only because I'm closer to it, but because hey, the last two semesters weren't so bad and now I've got a plan. Sometime in 2003 I will be able to say I'm a college graduate. I know, some people are able to do so before their 21st birthdays. But I'm not some people.

The Mavs have already played their first two playoff games against the Timberwolves. I didn't get to hear or see either one because of school and school-related stuff. Both games were played in Dallas and both were won by the Mavs, although the Wolves outplayed them in the first game. Now the series is going up to Minnesota for Sunday afternoon. It's going to be a fight. I'll actually be able to listen (maybe even watch!!) this one. Maybe in the off-season this team can acquire an actual Center rather than the two washed up rejects we got in the trade this year. Dirk and Nash deserve better.

Well, I'm heading off. More forthcoming within the next two days.