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Nabbed that pipe bomber. A 21-year old college STUDENT. What a suprise it was a student. He also had a band called Apathy. I loved the soundbite from the interview with his father: "I don't understand it... he had good grades... particularly in math." Great way to convince somebody of some political idea, isn't it? Try and blow some people up. That'll get your point across. That'll capture people's minds. Can you say life in prison, no parole?

Another story I heard on the radio (but couldn't find on CNN and didn't look very hard for) concerned placebos vs. anti-depression medication. In some cases, the placebos were MORE effective at treating depression. Hmm. You know now that I think about it, I really need to do some more research on the study. I'll try and get back here with more information. Interesting stuff.

Just one day of school remains. It's a big one though, six hours plus worth of exams, and the final marathon of the school year. I'll be studying all night long. I'm just taking a break right now. Checkin' out some Renderosity (OhMyGawd! Amazing!), flippin' through the FIVE magazines I got in the mail today (most of them wrinkled and bent), listenin' to Charley/SitRep, eatin' some chow. I get to sell books tomorrow as well. I'm expecting $120 or so.

The new Pentium 2.5 came out. Fast? They overclocked it to 2.8 or so and got 375 fps in Quake3 High Quality (when not videocard limited, of course). It's fast.

Mavericks? They dropped Game one in Sacramento, just couldn't get it together. It was a disappointing game. However, they came back with a vengeance in Game two and won in Sacramento to even the series, which now heads back to Dallas for the next two games. One thing I loved was the Kings fans around the Dallas bench. They had about thirty cowbells and rang them throughout every timeout. The Mavericks could NOT communicate verbally, they had to write everything down!! They were talking of ringing ears even the next evening. I've never seen anything like it. The league let this go on throughout two games. What BS is this?? Is this the way teams get their home-court advantage these days? Must be, because the talk in Dallas is that the fans who sit near the visitor's bench at AAC are going to have their own deafening surprise for the Sacramento Kings when they come in to town Thursday night. One part of me wants to say we should be better than that, the other part says HELL YAH, GIVE EM THE HELL THEY GAVE US. Sigh...

Hubble beamed back new pictures of the Universe. Now get this. One picture aimed at one tiny corner of the Universe contains 3000 Galaxies in its frame. Each Galaxy has approximately 100,000,000,000 stars. Each star has the potential to and is quite likely to have its own system of planets. Each planet is likely to have its own system of moons (satellites, they call them). Many of the images are depicting the Universe as it looked billions of years ago. Gulp. Wow. Think there's the possibility the same processes that led to the first single-celled organisms on earth billions of years ago also led to single-celled organisms on some other planet or moon out there in the vastness at some point in the history of the Universe? What are the chances? One in five hundred quadrillion? Fine, that still leaves it more likely than not...

Man, how's this? There's a new law on the books requiring home and dogowners to clean up dog crap... in their OWN backyards! Enforceable?

Here's another one. Former President Bill Clinton is getting his own TV talkshow. Huh. In the style of Donahue I've heard.

Well, I don't know if I'll get back to update. I'm heading out to the wedding awfully soon. So, so long.