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Well it has been a sensational week off of school. I'm just about 180 hours out from the moment I stepped out the door of my last Final and confronted a dream sky. Seems much much longer. The sheer volume of excellence almost takes my breath away.

I have redefined my Summer plans. I wish them to continue somewhat in the motorcycle/Summer School/role-playing game vein, but I very much want to incorporate A) a particular female, and B) up to three states besides Texas. But we'll have to see.

Oh I'll tell all about the wedding and surrounding events in six or seven medium-length Kevin paragraphs. Suffice it in the meantime to say that the entire week has been full of genuine greatness. And they did indeed get married.

I now have a brother-in-law (to go with a 'real' sister, two step-brothers and one half-brother). Will I be an uncle by the time I'm thirty? Likely. By thirty-five I could have a lil nephew calling me 'Unka Kev'.

Welp, I could go on here for ages about everything but then again I can't right now. I'll just get back to you soon. Seeya.