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By the time you make it safe, will it be fun anymore?

This naming convention might be going too far. Oh well. #8.

--I didn't know who Fredric Lehrman was when he stayed at our house over Christmas. He's an author. He's been all over the world, and I mean he's been to Tibet, Antarctica, the Amazon, Moscow, and all over every continent. He's had several careers. Several lifetimes' worth of careers actually. One of his books is called The Sacred Landscape, his thoughts on some of the amazing places he's been in his life accompanied by photographs that he arranged while there (he didn't take them but he was standing by the guy who did). His other work (that I've seen so far) is called 'Prosperity Consciousness'. I'm supposed to borrow the tapes after Rachel is done with them. As far as I can tell, it's a combination of A) teaching you how to be content with what you have/freedom from material desires/freedom from thinking you have to have something just because your neighbor does... and B) teaching you how what you believe about yourself and your abilities determines what you can achieve in life, wealth is a form of energy, and you may be your own worst enemy when it comes to succeeding and gaining wealth.

--The Tyson thing is strange. I heard his after-fight conversations. He was totally polite and sincere in his respect for Lewis. He didn't insult anyone or yell obscenities. He never once grabbed his crotch or threatened to crush anyone's children's testicles. He claimed that everything that happened in the months before the fight was just an act. A way to sell the fight and get a bigger payday. And I saw some film and it was JUST SAD. The boy got his face BEATEN. I mean, 'get a sack of potatoes and slap it on the concrete over and over and over' beaten. Those were brain damage punches. The last punch was GORY. Dude had blood coming from eyes, cuts, mouth, nose, and ear. I don't know how his jaw didn't get shattered. His whole head deformed for a split second. Ughh. Uggghghhhhh. You could see the fear in his eyes (barely, because they were so swollen) as the bell for the last round rang. And he was there afterwards begging Lewis for a rematch. Wtf? Parents, don't let your kids watch heavyweight boxing.

--Census predictions indicate there could be as many as six hundred million people living in the US in 2050. Where the hell will they all go? Enforcing immigration laws is bad for re-election.

--There's a new frozen treat out called 'Dippin' Dots'. Apparently it's like little Trix balls with lowfat ice cream inside them. I could be wrong, but that's how I understood it.

--If you've ever believed in smaller, less expensive, less intrusive government, the new reorganization of most of the government agencies, to the tune of thirty-seven BILLION dollars, should be tough to swallow. It's a kneejerk reaction. It's like a corporate merger, but it leaves out the FBI, ATF, and CIA! The government just got a lot bigger and a lot more expensive. Didn't Perot talk about a giant sucking sound?

That's all I've got. It was a slow day and I didn't do much.

Except, I just heard about an hour-long car chase from Dallas to Denton (where I live). Suspect rammed three police cruisers in Denton and then got out on foot and was shot and killed by a police officer at Teasley Lane. Hmm.