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If you're still keeping track, this is #10. After this I'm not going to number them anymore.

--Allow me to jump on the bandwagon a little. The US soccer team not only made it to the tournament of sixteen, but they won their first game against Mexico, 2-0, to move on to the round of eight! The response from Mexico astonishes me. The US Embassy in Mexico City has been shut down and surrounded by guards due to threats of violence from citizens of Mexico City. Yah, Mexicans want to KILL Americans because a world away one soccer team beat another soccer team. The soccer guru was on one of the ESPN radio shows and was QUITE serious when he said that should the US actually score the championship win (to become world champs), it could set off a WORLDWIDE 'INCIDENT'! Jesus Christ! I know we take our sports seriously over here and each city has a host of morons who go out and burn things and riot when their team wins the championship (see Massachusetts after the Pats' Superbowl win or LA after the Lakers' win), but DAMN! Soccer is EVERYTHING to some of those countries. Of course, it's still unlikely the US will win it all, and they'll probably lose to Germany on Friday. Also, he said there's a good chance the refs will 'massage' the calls to try and ensure the US doesn't win--they already did so in the third game of the opening tourney against Poland (but we got in anyway because of Korea's loss).

--How about Tiger Woods? ICE WATER IN THE VEINS. He's COLD. That guy has some superhuman level of concentration. He's like Michael Jordan in his desire to win and ability to step it up and do what it takes to absolutely dominate. He's like Michael Schumacher (Formula One driver and the highest paid athlete in history) in that he wins on a predictable basis. Tiger wins two-thirds of all matches he's playing in, while EVERYONE ELSE wins only one-third of all matches Tiger plays in. That is domination. But it's such a mental thing. Tiger doesn't hear the crowds. He doesn't see the gestures of his competitors. And, if familiarity breeds contempt, the fact that Tiger doesn't hang out with the rest of the golfers, but pretty much just shows up for a few days and wins, keeps other golfers mystified by him. He's twenty-six years old.

--I read a good wrap-up of E3's strategy games. Age of Mythologies looks great. the new Command & Conquer is unbelievable. World of Warcraft blows my mind. Simcity 4 takes it to a whole new level. For some reason they had the cel-shaded console game Robotech in there too (maybe it was the only console game that impressed them), and wow it looks fast and fun. Warcraft III comes out in a very few days. I don't think I can play any of these games with my current configuration though. But I WAS able to play the demo of 'Hyperspace Delivery Boy!'. I think it would run on a Pentium 90. It was fun though, very NES-like gameplay and graphics with some really funny voices and dialogue from one of the guys who created Doom (and Daikatana).

--I loved my Mavericks this year. They were always fun to watch or listen to, and their game is what I think real basketball should be. They're the third best team in the NBA. But I'm just not very optimistic that they'll improve that anytime soon. They're still going to have Mantis (Shawn Bradley--imagine if you stretched 5'11" me to 7'6" but didn't add any weight). They'll still be locked up with Raef and Van Exel, but they may lose Najera and Griffin. Wang appears to be GONE. The Chinese Gestapo is on his trail. Dirk is having major surgery on both ankles. Nash has proven he's great but also fragile, and he's a year older and a year more run-down. They have very little cap money left. The bench is SPARSE. They NEED to get a big inside presence. Michael Olowakandi is a perfect fit. But they're out in Europe looking for another skinny (and cheap) perimeter player. Much as I like Cuban and what he's done, he doesn't seem to understand the last piece of the puzzle. And much as I like how Nellie has turned things around, I'm just not sure he's got what it takes to go from very good to great.

--I've been creating more MP3s. Exact Audio Copy is an excellent program! How is this thing totally free? It does everything. Extracts CD tracks digitally, has full error correction, edits wave files with all kinds of different operations and a graphical interface, records waves from the line-in or any video, uses LAME to encode MP3s, and can create CD tracks on a CD-R. And it's so easy to use. I'm very impressed with this thing.

--Truly I have a retarded next-door neighbor. I'm not stereotyping here--he IS your stereotypical braindead over-priveleged binge-drinking morally decrepit intellectually bankrupt sexist racist punk ass college 'student'. Give a nineteen year old with the maturity of a thirteen year old unlimited beer and he'll think he's God. He's a cartoon. No redeeming qualities.

--There's an electronic sign in the road which displays the speed of passing cars. I clocked myself on the bicycle several times and my best speed was 32 mph! That was downhill with a good long run up and a lot of effort, but it's really moving for a bicycle.

--How about this idiotic fire ranger in Colorado who started a fire which destroyed one hundred and twenty thousand acres? You're fired! And convicted! She was on the clock, checking for fires, and then decided to stop and burn a letter from her ex-husband in the middle of the forest.

--Al Qaeda is at it again. Blew up a car. Meanwhile, some Muslims on Al Jazeera have organized some document which they say proves they have a right to kill four million Americans, including two million children. Meanwhile, the hunt is on for Saddam Hussein (Madass). He's been ordered dead.

The End.