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If the path of least resistance is all you ever take
Well at least you've been consistent in your defying fate

Well, things seem to've blown over with my father. It's so hard to figure things out, to gauge the seriousness of things from all the way over here. I'm sitting here thinking he's on the verge of something terrible, and two days later nobody cares.

I've got my own little problem: one of the worse ankle sprains I've yet had. I had to skip class tonight! Not good, particularly considering the four hour a night format. I just couldn't ride nor walk. I'm taking it real easy, just hanging around home all day. I hope by Tuesday I'll be able to make the over one mile trip to class (and back!).

--So far I really like the new class. I feel there will be some very important concepts learned here, and it's a pretty straight-forward format. She lectures for three hours, we go home and read the chapters, there's no calculator work, and there will be four exams of equal weight. Perfect.

--What the hell is up with Micro$oft?? First they strike a deal with VISA to use MS PassPort for every online transaction (with other cards to follow), and then they go to court to try and claim OpenGL patent infringements so that they can force Direct X on every developer and destroy Linux as a gaming platform. I mean, Jesus Christ, two in one week??

--There was another story about linking to any site being prohibited on the net. Fortunately, it was just a lot of hype. In fact, for years the law has been that if any organization orders you to remove a link, you must comply. Further, using any image without the owner's consent is a felony (should the owner choose to press charges).

--Have you seen the Dow lately? OMG! What's happening to us?? This will be known as the year America's retirement fund got sucked dry. We're crippled.

--Another sign of the Armageddon: Porsche and VW are both bringing out SUVs! Porsche!! What's next? A Ferrari diesel pickup truck? A Lamborghini hybrid car?

--Another sign: Ted Williams, American legend, whose body is being cryogenically frozen by his estranged stepson, who promises to try and sell his DNA when the time is right!

--Baseball truly is the laughingstock of the sports world (well, now that World Cup Soccer is over). That All Star Game was a FARCE. What bullshit. I hope they strike soon and for a long long time and I hope when they finally come back sports fans all over the country give those people the collective middle finger.

--I got a long email from Charley Jones the other day. He referred me to THIS site which sells new and used leather and textile riding gear. Nice!

--My second email to be read on the national radio show 'The Mike and Mike Show' generated quite a bit of conversation! See, they were arguing about the new Batman and Superman movie. Mike Golic kept saying that Batman was not a superhero and that Superman would make him dead real quick, while Mike Greenberg contended that not only is Bats a superhero, but he would have a good chance against Supes. So I wrote a good size, well-written email explaining why Bats IS indeed a superhero, but why Supes WOULD indeed have an easy time with him (in other words, they both had it half right). It IS a sports show, and a damn fine one at that, but they go off on tangents sometimes, and this morning was one of them. Hee hee, they read my name several times and kept referring to my email, it was great.

--I heard a Vegan telling why eating honey is unethical and immoral 'because it's based on the forced labor of oppressed worker bees'. Haw haw!

--This weekend is the BIG race. World Superbike vs. AMA Superbike in a duel to the death! Well, maybe not to the death, but it should be one hell of a race. Maybe the best race of any kind of the entire year. The one to watch.

--I found another NAMESAKE. That's right, 'Pitcher Plants' are also known as Nepenthes.

I have more, but I think I'm ready for bed, honestly. Ow, my ankle.