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Hi there! This here's an update. A news brief, more like. Thursday night.

I nearly broke my left wrist a few days ago, flying off my bicycle in a truly dreadful and traumatic fall. Numerous scrapes and bruises and a severely sprained wrist. Hard to type with what is essentially a cast on my arm.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to check out a 1985 Honda VF700F Interceptor. I'm as excited as a... erm, a really excited person. The owner sent me three pictures and a VIDEO and he's asking about $600 less than it's worth. Cover, tank bag and two brand new helmets are included. Geez! It's like all I have to do is sing a song.

And if that doesn't work out, I'm also going to see a Nighthawk S at Lone Star Cycles. Also got my eye on a couple others. I think this is going to happen real soon. I've already looked at two bikes this week but decided against each. The Interceptor, though, is a very hot prospect.

I've also been shopping for a riding jacket and gloves for my brother. We've been hanging out in the shops, trying on all the summer weight jackets.

Oh, and I have about a thousand other things I wanted to write about. But I won't be doing so right at this time. Update on the bike situation tomorrow or the next day.

Also, it looks like my images finally ran out. The text is squished together again and the navigation bar is gone. Oh well.