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Fixed the error with the archives page. All is well. Thanks to Jesse for pointing me to the quite visible news item which I somehow missed multiple times. And hey, thanks a LOT to the guy who runs Diaryland. This is an amazing little project he's got, and for the overwhelming majority of the time, it runs super smoothly. Thumbs up.

My jacket came today. It took one whole day! I didn't even pay for the better shipping. I had a twinge of disbelief, but there it was, the day after I ordered it. It looks like THIS. It looks very sharp. The black is deep and the red bright. It was quite comfortable tonight. I rode about 35 miles on my brother's Rebel (pics).

I'm looking for gloves next. I've been wearing my bicycle gloves (which have saved my hands repeatedly!). Helmet, boots, and then Draggin' Jeans.

The Rebel is fun, but much underpowered with 275 pounds of riders (my brother and I) in the heat of the Summer (which robs horsepower from any internal combustion engine). 234 ccs pushing 600 pounds. Getting up to 50 mph seems to take quite a while unless you hammer it. It's the antithesis of a modern sportbike (like the nasty Bandit) which gets to 60 so quickly you can hardly stand it. But it's let me progress to the 'intermediate' stage fairly uneventfully. I've already dragged both footpegs. In fact, it's *easy* to do so, but a little dicey, as I don't want to lever the bike onto one wheel if some hard part scrapes. Cornering clearance is not something the bike has in abundance. The VF on the other hand...

What else is happening? Oh, tons of stuff, but I'm just consumed with motorcycling this week regardless. My wrist is getting much better. Still can't put alot of weight on it and can't play guitar for very long without pain. My barely-there Organizational Behavior class is almost over. I'm going to be house-sitting for my parents next week.