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Here's how to understand your friends
It's been like six years of the same thing
Nothing can be believed unless you say it
Nothing but good times up ahead for you

Here's how to occupy your mind
Take some skills and learn to build a reason
Nothing can be perceived 'til you betray it
Nothing but fine times up ahead for you

I thought I should point out that I took to sleeping in the closet a little while ago. The bass monster next door was simply keeping me awake and that was the only way to escape the noise. It's okay though. I quite like sleeping on the floor (on a blanket and sheet), and the closet is plenty large. Plus, I wouldn't say I have agoraphobia (fear of open spaces), but I definitely have a love of closed in, covered up, enclosed, small spaces.

"Every time I think a girl likes me, there's always a more logical explanation."

You know, I came here to do work and decided to update, but of course I don't have my friggin' notes on things I might write about, so this is me off the cuff. Hey, I write them down so I can exorcise them and clear up space in my head for the next Big Idea.

I'm trying to get this Co-op job (it's like an internship) that pays $17.50 per hour. It's 40 hours per week in the Summer. That's $700 a week.

My middle brother bought a 2003 Honda Civic. EX Coupe, manual, every option and the highest yield engine (besides the Civic Si). It's blue and extremely nice. Almost feels like a sports car.

I actually ordered two CDs (used). Proving that the RIAA was wrong, at least about me, I ordered the Autumns' last album (which I had on MP3). And the Sheila Divine's newest, which I'm expecting to be fantastic. Still have a few on my short list. Loud Family came out with their definitive live album.

They are telling me I must leave, so that is all for this one folks. Short and incomplete. Bye.