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I watched the season opener for my Mavs. Dang, I love this team!! They looked absolutely unstoppable through the first three quarters. They kind of fell apart in the first part of the fourth quarter when Memphis got the crowd on its side and mounted a comeback. But we won, 119-108.

There wasn't anyone who didn't have a great night for the Mavs. The big three, Nash, Fin, and Dirk, were their usual excellent and exciting selves. LaFrenz was tough and nailed some great shots, including an amazing blind left hand putback jam and an awkward, hands-in-his-face three pointer. Najera showed he deserved his starting role. He was a rebounding machine, and also had steals, blocks, and a true circus shot off a Van Exel miss. Nick nailed three threes in a row and was solid. Bradley surprised the hell out of me. He was very active with blocks and steals. He had one highlight reel steal where he defiantly just took the ball out of the short guy's hands like he owned it. Walt Williams had some nice rainbow jumpers.

The defense was really good for at least two-thirds of the game. And the offense was on fire. They had 100 points through the first three quarters fer chrissakes.

The two Dons were suspended for the game because of some BS rule they broke about talking to European players. So Don was dressed in prison stripes and watching the game from a watching party he was hosting in Dallas (the game was in Tennessee). Mark Cuban was right there by the bench though.

Overall, despite the slight letdown in the early fourth quarter, it was a terrific start for my favorite sports team. How can you not love these guys?