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How about those candidates for Texas governor? Good grief, is this the best we can do? I'm voting for Rick Perry, but geez it's hard. He's despicable. It's just, Sanchez is a greater evil right now. But can't they field anyone better than these K-mart brand candidates?

The Senatorial race is an easier call, but an even more important race. Who in his right mind would vote for Mr. Tax-and-Spend himself, Mr. rob-the-middle-class-blind, Mr. 'we must find a way to tax the internet!', Ron Kirk?

The Mavericks are off to a a 2-0 start. As expected. Tonight will be three in a row. They look good, at times absolutely brilliant. But LaFrenz got hurt and will be out at least ten games. I'm very happy with what Shawn Bradley is doing out there. And Eddie Najera has been the player of the game for the first two games.

Cycle Show is 18 days away. Expect a full pictorial report. I'm taking two sticks worth of 8 x 6 photos.

The idea that I could go into a second interview and actually dictate the terms of my benefits package seems ludicrous. Health and dental, please, oh and put the rest into my salary.

How does moving to Minnesota to work for AmEx Financial Services sound? Not good to me either. I'm so sorry, I just don't think I could deal with the Winters. Feet of snow, Sub-zero temperatures, and Kevin White just don't mix well. I'm much more able to deal with the 105�s than the -5�s. I'd sure take a referral (sponsorship?) for a position down here or out West though.

Next semester:

--Intermediate Macroeconomics
--Intermediate Accounting 1
--Business Ethics
--International Finance
--Financial Investments
--Corporate Law

Fridays off.

My brother informs me that the Robotech game is outstanding. These poor Cartoon Network kids have never seen the Robotech Masters nor the New Generation sagas.

The only movie I want to see is The Comedian with Jerry Seinfeld. The 'art and agony of making people laugh'.

My Uncle Bill was apparently murdered. The funeral was last week. I hadn't seen him since the morning after the second Cowboys' Superbowl win of the '90s.

I have to tell you that my Business Law class has been possibly the most eye-opening I've ever taken. I see the way things work, and it disgusts me some of the time. We need: tort reform, professional juries, 'loser pays'. This class has changed the way I'll do some things in the future. In other news, my father's malpractice insurance premium just increased by two and a half times. He's never had a claim. It's now more than alot of people pay each month for their house. Thank you, frivolous lawsuits, thank you, slimy lawyers, thank you, poorly-trained physicians.